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  1. Hello! Have not been on for a bit been so busy with life. We just had our I485 adjustment of status interview. Questions asked. Why did we get married? Why did we choose USA to live? Basic questions about ourselves (birthdates, travel dates, any kids or past marriages, etc) Lots of small talk. Whole process lasted about 12 minutes. Interviewer was very nice and made lots of little jokes. Asked to see proof of living together and joint bank accounts and insurance. Also looked at our photos. All of them. At the end she said everything looks good but they need to do standard checks and see if everything checks out in the computers. I asked if the interview was good and she said yes but standard procedures and we will get our answer soon by email. But it just seems strange. No solid yes or no. No paper that some people seem to get saying review. No need of extra documents. Wondering if this is the norm.
  2. Hello. Haven't posted here for a bit so sorry if this out of place. We filed our EAD and Travel Documents with our I485 and the NOA was 12/20/18 Is it normal to be waiting this long? I don't see any active threads for others by month waiting for similar documents. And I noticed on the uscis website for the National Visa center (where our documents are) it jumped from Processing applications 12/1/2018 to1 March of 2019 in a matter of days Very confused here
  3. Yes it's amazing! And she was a little overwhelmed but obviously very excited. Be ready for any questions that could have been asked during the interview. Your fiancee will probably be waiting 2 hours between the line and the waiting room. Anything and everything will come to light during this interview. So anything on the US petitioners criminal record will be mentioned to the beneficiary and used to question credibility. They will also ask about languages, how you met, and the wedding actual date.
  4. Update. My fiancee arrived safely in Orlando Fl yesterday. She had to wait about 2 hours through immigration. The interview was much harder and longer at the airport than the embassy! Be prepared. Also the officer somehow knew that I did not speak my fiancee's language even though I never made that public record. Be honest and be prepared! The process is not over once you have your visa in hand.
  5. Just an update. Took 2 weeks to get our visa after the interview. No errors. Plane tickets purchased for next Saturday
  6. Status updated on ceac to issued today 🙂. Hopefully we will have the visa on hand in a few days. Trying for a november 4th arrival
  7. Quick question! Our interview was passed Thursday the 18th, updated to administrative processing the next day. How long should I wait before contracting the embassy to check? Not sure whats the normal time frame
  8. Yes just enter your NVC case # The interview was only 4 questions. Name, how we met, language we speak and date of last trip. They didn't ask for any of the financial documents even though we had them.
  9. Hi everyone. My fiancee said she passed her interview yesterday and today it changed from application received to administrative processing. I assume this is normal?
  10. Thank you all so much. Especially Greenbaum and all the others who put lots of time answering my crazy questions 😁
  11. Approved!!!!!! Status changed to application received I assume thats normal
  12. Hello January friends! My fiancee has her interview in 1 hour!!!!! 😬 Please wish us luck!!!!! I will keep you all updated.
  13. Best of luck! Your case is definitely an outlier as it should have long reached NVC by now. Something is definitely wrong here and I hope they fix it soon.
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