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  1. There are appointments available for August 24th!! https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/selectvisatype Create an account and schedule your visa interview !!! good luck
  2. Agree. We got assigned an interview date for the end of the month (!). Quick question, I know you recently had your interview, how long after your interview did you get your visa? TIA!
  3. Hey, okay I guess we just have to wait until appointments open up on the website? We have been checking everyday for a month and there hasn't been any (including this past week which was the last week of the month). We've also emailed them multiple times and said our medical is scheduled, but no response. I guess we are just unlucky not sure.
  4. Hey, How were you able to get an interview at El Salvador embassy? Trying to figure it out... no appointments available on the website for over a month now.
  5. Hi, Did you call the embassy and say anything specific? Every time we call if we can get ahold of someone, they refer us to the ustraveldocs site to make our appointment on our own.
  6. Ugh, so expensive. But okay, thank you for the information! It's hard to figure out exactly what to do haha.
  7. Wait $600 USD?! wow.... Okay thanks for the update. Also, as far as getting an interview, did you just hangout on the website all day until one popped up or did you call the embassy and they scheduled it for you? Thank you!!
  8. Hi, do you recommend scheduling the medical even though we haven't been assigned an appointment date? I notice on the medical instructions it says you need proof of an appointment, but it looks like you scheduled the medical before having an appointment. Thank you in advance.
  9. Was your Fiance able to get a B2 visa during the shut down at Bogota or has he had that visa all along?
  10. Hi, In the first step of the PDF, 'signup for an email with NVC', the link doesn't work. Can anyone help navigate me to the email signup page/form? This is all super confusing... kudos to everyone on this difficult (but exciting) journey. Thanks!
  11. Hi Jojo, can you please tag me in the thread as well? VJ is complicated for me to navigate.. thanks!
  12. Thank you for posting! As the above commenter said, the rejections are a bit eerie... but I guess its progress... 💔
  13. Keeping my mind off of this and staying positive! Thinking about the future and knowing we will be together in the US at some point is helping a lot. How about you?
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