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  1. Kristi.Ohane

    Income Taxes

    Yes you hit the spot dead on. It’s not so much as the taxes. Just how it will look during the interview.
  2. Kristi.Ohane

    Income Taxes

    Good thing my husband doesn’t work. But I have an idea on what to do.
  3. Kristi.Ohane

    Income Taxes

    I have filed single already. But wanting to Amend. It’s proving to be difficult. Maybe I should file married separate and when he comes Amend again and file jointly so I don’t have to owe irs
  4. Kristi.Ohane

    Income Taxes

    The problem I have is getting a tax person to do a certificate of accuracy for the W7 form. I would amend to married jointly but I’m having troubles with the tax preparers. I could file married separate but that will put me into owing IRS.
  5. Kristi.Ohane

    Income Taxes

    I have been told different things by different people. Some say I can file my taxes as single and then amend when my Husband gets here. But some say to file Married and apply for ITIN. I've had bad luck with getting someone to do the ITIN for me. And if I file married separate then I owe money. So what are some of your experiences? Has anyone had any problems? Like did it raise a red flag for you? Let me tell you about me. I'm a US Citizen, my husband is Moroccan. I petitioned him on I-130 CR1 visa. So it would help if someone can give me a peace of mind.