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  1. yes it is very unfortunate inchaalah khair . thanks for ur help
  2. yes required documents the the fees. im terried of that AP . how long did it take ppl to get their visa after Ap ???? and thank you so much for your reply
  3. hey everyone my husband and I just submitted documents to the nvc so what's next ??
  4. so they did not ask you for judicial record ? photographs meaning that one photo of the applicant ?/ and why they are 2 police records ?
  5. I was told that the consulor makes a descison before the interview that's why its good to apload some more updated evidence . how long did it take you to get interview date from submitting documents to the nvc ? and can you please tell me what are the civil documents they need in case we are missing something. thank you so much
  6. hey thank you so much I really needed hekp with that and yes cr1 . I what you mean you sent pics , letters.... ?? to where ?
  7. hello everyone, when submitting documents to nvc do I need to submit a photo too ? also does the us citizen need to submit his birth certificate and passport biographical page too ? and is there a way to submit more evidence of bona fide marriage ?
  8. hello everyone when submitting documents to the nvc do I need to submit only the translation of the documents or both the original and its translation ????
  9. I did google it but it did not give me the address
  10. hey everyone im collecting documents to submit to nvc website can somebody please tell me if im missing something civil documents: my birth certificate judicial record police record passport biographical page marriage certificate financial documents: 3 years of tax transcipts bank statement proof of income form i864 ps: do we need to submit the petisioner's birth certificate and passport biographical page and divorce papers ?????? and do I, the applicant neeed to submit a photo ? also can we submit more evidence of bona fide marriage such as photos and chat logs????
  11. hey everyone , Im about to fill the DS260 but ive already seen in a pdf sample of it that it requires educational institutions I was in but I don't have my high school address . what to do ?
  12. so I should include my high school as the first institution the college as the second ?
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