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  1. The SSN office should've given you (or your fiance) a letter stating that at this time (s)he can't get an SSN including the reason and that they will update once it's ready etc. Take that letter and all the other documents required. It's also very normal these days to go through manual verification. I went through it twice last year (once for my maiden and once to change to my married name) and it took I think both times 2-4 weeks (don't know the exact time anymore) before I had my SSN. In the meantime I did have that letter explaining why.
  2. Unfortunately there's probably nothing an info pass appointment can accomplish, that's why they won't grant one. That's also the reason they switched to info pass appointments over the phone, for them to judge if it's necessary or not. It sucks tho in your case. Hope you hear something soon! I read on here that EAD/AP now can take 6-8 months, so the expedite might be worth it.
  3. Yeah, they told me too that it usually takes them 4-6 weeks before a decision is made so I was very amazed to see the approval later that day. Hope you got approved in the meantime!
  4. I'm sorry to read about your husbands father. When I was a the Philly office a few weeks ago, I did see people who looked like they were having an info pass appointment. Did your husband call USCIS? Info pass appointments (for most offices now) can only be made over the phone.
  5. The questionnaire that you got has nothing to do with discrimination, a lot of people from high fraud countries get this. Unfortunately once you get this, AP takes a very long time. I'm pretty sure Islambad is a high fraud consulate, I've seen stories on here of people who are in AP for 1+ year. Unfortunately it's a black hole that you'll have to sit out. Keep in mind that the embassy has to work according to certain rules, racism is absolutely prohibited. The senator will probably not be able to do much, since this is the embassy, not a USCIS office in the States, but it's always good to give it a try! Also, keep in mind that WOM (not sure if you are or are not planning on this) forces the embassy to make a decision. If they did not finish their background checks etc yet there's a good chance they can't approve the application which then will end up in a denial. Good luck, I hope you hear something soon!
  6. Yes, you need to bring originals + copies (e.g. birth certificate, passport with K1 visa in it) from what you sent in your application to the interview.
  7. I've never been divorced so these are just my thoughts. Do you have the original divorce decree? In that case I would just make a copy of it and take both to the interview to proof that the copy you give them is an actual copy of the original.
  8. A copy of the DS-3025. Make sure the "completed" box is checked off, otherwise you need a new medical. At my interview they didn't even ask for it, but I know some officers want to see it again. Also, I printed the page from the I-693 instructions that states you don't need a new medical if you applied for AOS within 1 year of the medical, just in case the officer would give me a hard time over it (I filed within the year, my medical expired April this year and some officers try to tell you that you need a new medical to be approved what's wrong, unless you have a certain condition or if it's not completed) Just take the one you sent. It also states you need to take a copy of the AOS application, so that's part of it anyway. If anything changed in your income you should update your I-864. Does it state they need a certified copy or just a copy? And don't you have a copy of the certified copy?
  9. I would call on Monday. It happens that an officer takes vacation or gets sick and they have to reschedule all the interviews for that officer, but usually you hear something pretty quick. On Monday they should be able to tell you on the phone why it's cancelled and what's next. Good luck, hope you have your interview soon!
  10. Just keep hitting 0, works (almost) every time with every company I called (including USCIS)
  11. They deliver the green card in your mailbox, but it is a track and trace envelope so you should be able to follow it. Once the status goes to "card was picked up by the postal service" there will be a track and trace number in your case to follow the envelope.
  12. Just follow the instructions on the interview letter, it's pretty clear what you need. We had my interview last week and got approved. The officer didn't need most of the stuff on there except extra evidence, my passport with visa and both of our DL's, but we did take everything and you should def take everything on the list. As long as you're well prepared you should be fine.
  13. I know someone who had this too, it turned out their interview was rescheduled. Usually you get an update pretty quick after. If you did not hear anything yet, best to reach out to USCIS to see what's going on.
  14. Take whatever you have and explain why you don't have that much yet. Maybe some affidavits from family members would help, since you have no joint finances etc. I had a folder on my laptop with all the documents we sent for AOS, printed all that again and took an updated I-864 + most recent tax returns and all the other documentation they asked for. And no, no new medical is needed. Check the instructions from I-693, it clearly states in there that if you filed within 1 year after overseas medical a new medical is not necessary. I also took a print of that page to the interview for if we would get a hard time over it, officer didn't even ask about the medical. Also, try to be a little better prepared for ROC. I started getting bills in both of our names a few months after I moved here, got a joint bank account etc. Did not need my SSN for anything except the car loan. I gathered everything in folders on my laptop over the months. Good thing to do for your ROC so you don't have to stress out over it.
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