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  1. You don't have a timeline, it's easier to answer your questions if you fill out your timeline. That way we know what part of what process you are
  2. That just means they touched your case. Was the 221G just for submitting missing documents or does it also say he is in AP? Everyone goes through AP, but if you get a 221G with that it means they need to do more thorough AP (screening etc) Nigeria is a high fraud country, so it can take a while.
  3. When was the interview and when did you submit the documents? 221G was a request for additional documents only? Also, today is MLK day so nothing will happen till tomorrow. It can take a few days for the status to change after a decision is made.
  4. What's the reason that you waited 4 years to adjust status? Expect some questions there. Anyway, you can get the vaccines in another clinic before Friday if you figure out which ones you have to get, just make sure you get a medical record that you've received them. Civil surgeon will know best what to do with the vaccins, so I don't know which ones you should get.
  5. Things come up in life, that's the risk of owning a business. My boss completely understood when I explained to him why I didn't tell him before since I was a temp but they kept renewing my contract. He was very happy for me, glad that I gave him long enough notice and I also offered him to get the new person familiar with all the processes. I think as long as you do that you'll be fine. And worst case scenario, if your boss is a ####### about it well then that's their problem and they're not the best boss ((s)he could be a little annoyed at first, but they shouldn't get too mad)
  6. Don't quit your job before your visa is actually approved and you have it. You won't be the first one to be confident that you're getting approved and ending up with an RFE, denial or long AP (not saying it's going to happen but even USCIS tells you not to quit your job before you have your visa). I quit my job once I had my visa in my hands. I didn't tell my work either while we were in the process, even when they asked if I was planning on moving to the US just because I was a temp. In the end my boss completely understood and I gave him 4 weeks notice. In my opinion you should give them at least that amount of time and don't quit within a day or so, that would be kinda lame towards your boss
  7. C90


    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_identification_number Google is your best friend
  8. Again, if your intention wasn't to go to get married on the B2 visa to adjust status afterwards it won't affect your K1. You're overthinking it
  9. Go with the form of ID (I would guess that's your passport) that you send. If that has your middle then fill out your middle name and send an explanation why your marriage certificate doesn't have it. Worst case scenario USCIS decides to not use your middle name, but you avoid a RFE.
  10. In the right bottom corner it should say DS-3025. If the panel physician really used the I-693 that's not good... Then (s)he's an incompetent panel physician. Some countries give the sealt envelope to the beneficiary, some send it straight to the consulate. In the Netherlands they send it to the consulate and you get a copy of it with your visa. Double check your paperwork, can't imagine that no one (panel physician, consulate officer AND CPB) didn't see that the wrong form is used for overseas medical.
  11. C90

    NSC Slow

    Yeah it takes a while but its worth it. Def don't plan anything specific while waiting, USCIS is sometimes a big black hole when it comes to processing times. When did you file? I think it takes about 1-1,5 years from NOA1 till visa in hand with CR1. Hope you get it soon and we can welcome you to the US!
  12. C90

    NSC Slow

    Nope, still waiting for my EAD and AP to come in, hopefully in a month or so (filed September 2018, GC will take 1+ year so it's nice if I have the EAD and AP so I can start working) That's the big pro with CR-1, you'll get your 2 year GC right away and will be able to work, get your DL etc. We didn't do that cause at the time we filed it was about 3-6 months longer then K1 and I was done being away from each other. So reading the table is pretty simple (tools - case processing times - I-130 - Nebraska SC) : 7.5 Months to 9.5 Months <--- current estimate on processing time from NOA1 till NOA2 for U.S. citizen filing for a spouse, parent, or child under 21 April 13, 2018 <--- Inquiry date, meaning if you filed your application on or before this date and you still didn't get an approval or denial (USCIS stage) you can request an inquiry.
  13. DS-3025 is what you get when you do your medical overseas, I-693 is what you get when you do your medical in the US. When her medical is not older then 1 year when you apply for AOS you do not need a new medical. Make sure to send a copy of the DS-3025 that she received in her visa package along with the AOS.
  14. He needs to bring both police certificates. I don't think they have to be apostilled, as long as they're originals and translated (most countries give you the option if you want the certificate in just the native language or the native language and another language)