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  1. After more than a year and a half of waiting my fiancé has finally been approved!! 🎉🎉🎉 Thank you to everyone for their help and encouragement along the way...there were days I seriously doubted this would ever happen! 😊
  2. KBA

    Packet 3 Montreal

    Yes for us that’s how it went...after it turned to ready
  3. KBA

    Canadian K1 Visa

    I would consider the CR1. You will get a green card right away.. etc as mentioned in other posts. My fiancé is Canadian and we waited 1 year and 2 months for NOA2 for no good reason...shouldn’t have happened especially with a low fraud country and nothing in his background to warrant it. If we had it over we would’ve done CR1
  4. KBA

    Packet 3 Montreal

    It took approximately 3 weeks for our case to be “accepted” so that we could submit packet 3. I actually wrote an email inquiring about it and next thing you know I got the email requesting P3. Once submitted, we got P4 within 2 days.
  5. We waited 456 long days for NOA2. We still don’t know and won’t even know why our car was SO delayed...hang in there for now and try not to worry. We made ourselves crazy overthinking it all
  6. KBA

    k1 filers - NOV-DEC 2018 NOA2-->Consulate.

    I would work on the DS 160 and getting your police report if you haven’t yet 😊
  7. KBA

    k1 filers - NOV-DEC 2018 NOA2-->Consulate.

    Yes we tried emailing it sooner but they said they were still processing our case..etc. We did receive P3 by email a few days after but overall it took longer than we thought it would to get P3. Once that was submitted we had P4 within a few days. All correspondence has been through email.
  8. KBA

    k1 filers - NOV-DEC 2018 NOA2-->Consulate.

    My fiancé’s interview is 1/16
  9. We waited much longer so I would not throw in the towel just yet...at the one year mark we hired a lawyer and filed a lawsuit for writ of mandamus. 6 weeks later we got an RFE...something that could’ve been taken care of much sooner. We still don’t know WHY we were so delayed. We almost gave up and went the CR1 route but then things finally happened.
  10. To anyone who still checks in with this group, interview is scheduled for 1/16!! We are finally getting to the end of this long process...can’t believe we started this in 2017 and will finally be finishing it in 2019!! 🎉
  11. Interview is scheduled for 1/16! Was too tight to try and get things done before the holidays and he wanted to be able to come visit. Fingers crossed as we finish up this long process! POE in February hopefully if all goes well. Thank you everyone for your help and support!
  12. Finally got P4 so we are getting there!
  13. My fiancé lives in Quebec and went to his local RCMP to order his. I don’t think the petitioner (US citizen) needs one but perhaps others have more information on this. Good luck!
  14. I got an RFE for this question after waiting 14 months...the way I read it, since I had answered no to the questions above it I didn’t need to also answer this question. Big mistake. I checked the no box and got my approval in 10 days.
  15. Yes I am hoping to avoid the letter from the bank also...interested to hear what others have had for experiences