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  1. Ok thank you! 😊 So we just wait for notification in the nail, correct?
  2. New to the forum...we filed my husband’s paperwork in July along with advanced parole and employment. He went for his fingerprinting months ago. What happens next? Just sit and wait? Should I be checking anything online? Sorry to be clueless...we had quite the ordeal just getting his K1 visa so we don’t have high hopes that anything will go quickly with this either! Thank you in advance! 😊
  3. Yes, I think our wait was definitely one of the longest! (Take a look at my timeline, it’s not pretty) But we are finally married and submitted the AOS paperwork...and hoping things go smoothly from here!
  4. He’s from Canada and the license is in French.. because they use different letters to indicate things such as a CDL license (which he has) they want it translated
  5. I am working on AOS paperwork 😬 and am wondering do we pay a separate fee to apply for AP? Thank you! 😊
  6. Hello, my husband came to the states from Quebec and the DMV needs his license to be translated from French as he has a CDL license and motor cycle license. The DMV told him to go to AAA to have that done and they don’t do it. Anyone else been in this situation? Many thanks!
  7. We finally got married on 5/4! OMG about time! I tried to upload a pic but it says it's too big...sigh I know someone told me almost 2 yrs about how to do it but of course I have forgotten! Now to start on the wonderful AOS paperwork!!
  8. My now husband was detained for 5 hours and denied entry. They thought he had immigrant intent. He returned with all his financial stuff and proof of ties and still got denied. He waited 8 months before trying again and I went to visit him instead. Then when he tried again he brought a copy of the NOA1 and they let him through. We were really worried about our case because of all this but finally got approved! So I’d say don’t worry!
  9. Not sure if anyone checks in here anymore from our old group but we are finally getting married in May! What a long and winding road it’s been to get here! Next step...more paperwork of course! Hope everyone is doing well!
  10. After more than a year and a half of waiting my fiancé has finally been approved!! 🎉🎉🎉 Thank you to everyone for their help and encouragement along the way...there were days I seriously doubted this would ever happen! 😊
  11. KBA

    Packet 3 Montreal

    Yes for us that’s how it went...after it turned to ready
  12. KBA

    Canadian K1 Visa

    I would consider the CR1. You will get a green card right away.. etc as mentioned in other posts. My fiancé is Canadian and we waited 1 year and 2 months for NOA2 for no good reason...shouldn’t have happened especially with a low fraud country and nothing in his background to warrant it. If we had it over we would’ve done CR1
  13. KBA

    Packet 3 Montreal

    It took approximately 3 weeks for our case to be “accepted” so that we could submit packet 3. I actually wrote an email inquiring about it and next thing you know I got the email requesting P3. Once submitted, we got P4 within 2 days.
  14. We waited 456 long days for NOA2. We still don’t know and won’t even know why our car was SO delayed...hang in there for now and try not to worry. We made ourselves crazy overthinking it all
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