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  1. Hello, has anyone travelled to Canada and back that can share their experience? My husband has several doctors appointments in Canada and so we are thinking he will have to quarantine in Canada for 14 days prior to his appointments. When he returns to the US, we are guessing he will have to quarantine here for 14 days. We are weighing the options to see if he should even bother right now. Any assistance is appreciated! 😊
  2. Yes! Just got notification that the AP/WAD are on their way!
  3. Hi, I received a notification that a “new card” was being made today...is this the EAD?
  4. Ok thank you! 😊 So we just wait for notification in the nail, correct?
  5. New to the forum...we filed my husband’s paperwork in July along with advanced parole and employment. He went for his fingerprinting months ago. What happens next? Just sit and wait? Should I be checking anything online? Sorry to be clueless...we had quite the ordeal just getting his K1 visa so we don’t have high hopes that anything will go quickly with this either! Thank you in advance! 😊
  6. Yes, I think our wait was definitely one of the longest! (Take a look at my timeline, it’s not pretty) But we are finally married and submitted the AOS paperwork...and hoping things go smoothly from here!
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