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  1. Depending on which state you live in, Kurt google senate office and get their number and call and/or email them. And tell them your situation.
  2. Alrighty folks, my interview is scheduled for next month. My existence on this forum have been very minimal but could anyone share their insights or thoughts or what all do I need to be prepare with and docs to take besides the one mentioned on the interview letter. Any help would be appreciated! @K1visaHopeful Also, my wife (USC) and I moved to another state for my job. She doesn’t have a job yet but has potential but it doesn’t look like she’s be earning much whereas my job pays me super well. Is that going to be an issue during our interview since my wife is my sponsor and her I-864 mentions previous employer and salary. Do we need to update uscis about it or let it be or what? We are still way above the poverty limit so we don’t think it should be a problem but wanna know from you guys’ experience
  3. Reach out to your state’s senate office. Maybe they can help you or atleast get an answer. So sorry to hear about your situation.
  4. Well funny enough, today my status updated to interview is scheduled. Haha. Will see when it comes in the mail.
  5. Oh awesome, congrats! Do you know if that’s the trend in Charlotte LFO or this was just the luck of the draw?
  6. Yeah, that’s what I was trying but they keep repeating the same prompt and it leads nowhere 😬
  7. Hey, how do you talk to a USCIS rep? What number do we call to talk to tier 1 or 2. I have the uscis contact centre number but never know how to get hold of a person. What options do I select?
  8. Same here. Maybe it’s down and also maybe cuz of Labor Day. Also Is anyone here in this forum applied for AoS in Charlotte? My wife and I recently moved here and changed address with USCIS but our case has been pending since 12/2018. Wondering how fast processing it is for AoS in Charlotte cuz our last LFO processing was super slow.
  9. I have seen specific LFO forums that’s why was asking. I’m still searching
  10. Is anyone here who is waiting for AoS processing in Charlotte or knows about a group of AoS filers in Charlotte? I recently relocated to Charlotte and am unable to find Charlotte AoS filers forum.
  11. Hmm okay. At this point the new LCO is slower than my current LFO but that’s also cuz the current LFO jumped 5-6 months ahead in the last 2 weeks so I’m not sure if it will go back or what. But sounds like it’s purely based on processing time.
  12. Guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here but wondering does anyone know how the AoS process would be affected if an applicant (beneficiary) and petitioner are relocating and moving to a different state altogether? I know we have to change the address with uscis online but wondering how would it affect the process now. Would the file be sent to the local office to the city where we are moving and would the Interview now be held in the new or nearby city? Would the process get slower for us or it depends? Would I have to call uscis to ask that or has someone experienced that already? Any information would be helpful. @K1visaHopeful Any thoughts? The reason I’m asking is because my case is in “ready to be scheduled for an interview” phase. Looks like if I continued to stay at this state I wouldn’t have heard till the end of the year or January before an interview was scheduled anyway but you never know.
  13. Ah lucky you! I filed just a couple of days before and biometrics was a day before. However case is ready to be scheduled has been up there since February 20. No other update after that. But the difference is you’re in FL and I’m in MN. I had to be in MN for such a process 😭😂
  14. Mine was approved on April 9th and I got approval notice in mail on the 13th and just today they updated the status to card being mailed so hopefully by Saturday (20th) or Monday (22nd) it should be here. I never saw an approved status online but also I didn’t see an update for two days last week until seeing the card production update. Yours should be there soon. Everyone’s online update is funky. I have no updates whatsoever on my uscis account, no texts or email. Keep hanging!
  15. Yeah unless a miracle happens. Of course, We had to be in MN for this AoS process. Many of the Dec 2018 filers from NY, Baltimore and FL already have their interview scheduled.
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