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  1. As long as your status shows issued, hang tight. You will eventually receive your passports with the Visa in it. It took almost a month for us to receive ours after the interview.
  2. Good day everyone, We are having a difficult time getting a drivers license for my now husband. Before his i94 expired we went to apply for a license and we had no problem but unfortunately he didnt pass the test. We went back to retake the test and we were told they couldn't allow him take the test because his 194 had expired and we needed to bring a 797 form to get his 194 extended. We headed back to dmv after we received the notice 797 advising his application is pending but was told that is not sufficient. They are asking for an approval notice. Obviously it is going to take a while for his green card to be approved. Does anyone know what we can do? We live in Nebraska. Thank you.
  3. Good morning everyone, When adjusting from K1 Visa, do we also need to complete the biographical form G-325A along with the I485? Also can we omit the form 131 since fiance do not intend to travel anytime soon? Form is asking for intended date of departure and we do not have that. Thank you.
  4. Check multiple times in a day, everyday. It took us almost a month to finally find a date. Once they open up appointments, they are quickly taken so make sure you are constantly checking.
  5. Proof of on going relationship(chats, call logs), affidavit of support, pictures, medicals, police report, itineraries(if you have gone to see your partner after submitting the petition) and passport stamps.
  6. Thank you. Is your wife also a K1 beneficiary?
  7. Hello everyone, How long does it take to receive the ssn after you have applied. This will be for a k1 beneficiary. Thanks.
  8. You guys are amazing. I dont know what I would have done without Visa journey. Thank you all so much.
  9. Thank you all so much. How do I get a copy of the 194 form?
  10. Hello everyone, I just need clarification on the process of applying for an ssn number. Do we have to wait to get married before applying or my fiance can apply right away. He just entered the US 2 days ago. Also can we apply online or go to the ssn office to do so. Thank you.
  11. Thank you so much. Someone mentioned earlier that I do not need to complete the form l130. Please clarify.
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