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  1. Absolutely I won't breathe normally til it's done but I already know I will forget it soon as we done lol My fiancé been amazing today and it's already all fixed in his vision lol Thank you so much X
  2. Thank you so much guys for your words !! I realized that I confused the sealed Divorce decree (original) with the photocopy.. So I had it at home the whole time.. I feel really stupid and mad at myself, I swear !! But It's as you both said an easy fix and will be sent back tomorrow. I will breath when I have the visa in hands tho ! Thanks again
  3. Thank you very much, its true that the bottom line is that its not a denied but moslty put the case "on hold". Im feeling down and waiting for the Court Office to open to see if they can mail it to me since my fiancé is currently deployed.. Thanks for your words, I appreciate it ♥️
  4. Just got out of the interview and it did not go as expected.. They want the original divorce decree from my fiance. I had the photocopy with me (the same we sent with the 129F) they said its not enough.. They gave me a 221g copy and said they keep everything to just mail them back the divorce copy and they will send me back the passport with the visa as soon as they receive it. I'm just very surprised cause this stage about my fiance being USC free to marry is supposed to have already been checked during the Noa1 process. Ive read on the Arizona County Court that its possible to get a certified copy, I thought thats what I had.. Is a certified copy will be enough ?
  5. Finally !!! Congratulations John !! Bravoooo neighbour !!! Hehe
  6. Big rubbish !! I was on READY since Feb 6th and it did let me go to the next page only around the 23th.. I officialy booked and paid the fees the 26th.. It felt like forever so i feel you
  7. Sorry for all of this, but to reassure you It did happened to me, even if it was for the embassy in France, I waited few more days and I was finally able to get to the next page (booking the interview and paying the visa fees) I read online that If you try to schedule your interview online too soon, you will receive the error message “Case Number is not ready for an appointment” .. A little bit more patience and you will be good !
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