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  1. Tquan

    Trinidad VJ

    Hi , I'm good thanks! Got email from NVC on 8/13, then from POS on 8/15 interview was 9/13. Hope that helps an good luck!!!
  2. Tquan

    Trinidad VJ

    Clearly I got you mixed up with James7... however how did yours go???
  3. Tquan

    Trinidad VJ

    So I just got the interview date yayyyyy!!!! Did u get yours????
  4. Tquan

    Trinidad VJ

    Oh ok ok I get it are u excited to get back to wrk???
  5. Tquan

    Trinidad VJ

    Heyyyy you real quiet over there hows it going???
  6. Tquan

    Trinidad VJ

    Ok I've petitioned for my husband an NVC has completed everything. We are now waiting for the interview date. I started Feb of 2017. Its been a long journey.
  7. Tquan

    Trinidad VJ

    I wish still waiting...I've been asking the same question how long till they schedule ...I'll let u know as soon as I'm informed
  8. Tquan

    Trinidad VJ

    Well congrats to that I know about the excitement of getting a notification of something throughout the process..
  9. Tquan

    Trinidad VJ

    Hey congrats on your approval are you just waiting on your interview date now???
  10. Wow!!! Well I wish u a fast process, this isnt fear to anyone 2 have to experience this at all. Wishing everyone a week of good news!!!
  11. You are most welcome! I hate to say it but it all started February 2017🙈🙈....its been along hard process. I've made so many trips back to Trinidad in between it's the worst but hey..... are you in the US??
  12. I did so grateful to hear from another 1 of our Trini peeps that has finished the process 2-4 weeks. I'm hoping b4 obviously but I have waited an waited so here we go....
  13. Tquan

    Trinidad VJ

    Thanx for the words of encouragement... I wish you an your spouse the best. I'm still hanging on but I no I always have options so I try not to stress but it has the best of me atm. Hope u log on often I may need some advice within the next 2 months 😀
  14. Tquan

    Trinidad VJ

    Can I just say it's a true blessing to have completed this whole process. Congratulations!!!! I'm too through tho...ready 2 just head back.
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