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  1. Hi, I am hoping someone can answer my question. We expedited the EAD ON 7/12 based on a job offer, uscis asked for additional information to be faxed yesterday. We responded yesterday. Today, I got a notification that our interview (Chicago office) was scheduled. Is this a coincidence or do they do the interview before issuing the card.? Thought the EAD would come first. Thank you! AOS filed: 2/27
  2. It’s pretty quiet on this forum lately.. 😕 hoping to see some approvals!
  3. The Croatian embassy (which there isn’t a lot of info on this site about) is super fast and responsive! They received our case on 1-11, medical is 1-18 and our interview is 1-23. Good luck to everyone waiting!
  4. @Greenbaum do you have the p3 packet for croatia?
  5. IN TRANSIT! ✨ Now I can stop checking every 5 mins 😂 good luck to everyone that is waiting!!!
  6. Got our case number today :))! The case is still at NVC but just so excited to have the case number! 🎉 NOA2-dec 1st!
  7. NVC hasn’t received our case yet. Noa2-dec 1,2018 Hopefully soon! Congrats to everyone who has their case number!! 🎉
  8. NOA1- June 29th, 2018 NOA2- December 1st, 2018 i just received the letter notifying us of our NOA2. However the app didn’t reflect this and we didn’t receive any emails! We are soooo happy and excited ! ❤️
  9. Hi everyone! Been following this thread for awhile but haven’t posted! Noa1 June 29th..Hoping for good news for everyone soon !
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