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  1. Something is definitely not right. I’m surprised u guys r still waiting for interview dates. Please follow up with d congressman route and mayb also try sending in an expedite request again using another angle. my husband wrote to them that our rent in Nigeria was expiring end of nov and that he also wanted us to be in the US for thanksgiving wen he sent in our expedite request. We provided the tenancy agreement as proof. We were scheduled about a week later. We really don’t know if that’s wat worked for us because we never got any response of approval or denial of the request.
  2. Yes. You only get your passport back with visa in it if you are approved.
  3. If your case at the nvc stage was pivot(electronic ), then you wouldn’t get a sealed packet. We didn’t get one cos we were pivot and we had no issues.
  4. Yea we got the states today. Everything went smooth. Please u guys should be careful over there in Cali.
  5. I picked ours up this morning. Please any idea where I find the alien number on the visa? Or is it same as registration number?
  6. No it changed from ready to admistrative processing the day after interview and then changed to issued today.
  7. Ok thanks for the info. Will wait for the notification before I go there. 3 business days
  8. Not yet. Although the CO said it would take a week. Today is the 3rd working day after my interview. Has urs changed?
  9. Thanks sis😁...I contacted him and he said 100kg would be 92500. Tried to negotiate with him but he said their rates went up last month. I'm still packing o... didn't realize I had so much load eh. How long did it take you to receive your things In the US?
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