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  1. Thank you all for your advice on tax return! First of all, I totally agree with all of you about saying that filing as MFJ gives better exemption aka saving money. That’s what we and our accountant discussed when we met up a few days ago as well. (Just FYI; our accountant isn’t a random accountant. He’s been filing my husband both business and personal tax as well as my brother in law’s business and personal tax for 2-3 years. He works for one of the known companies that do accounting, tax and advisory services in our area. He is not specialized for international/immigrant tax (sorry for my ignorance on tax related terms); however, since he works for a big company, there’s another person from international branch assisting him to do tax for my husband who has an immigrant spouse (me!). Also no I didn’t earn $100,000 last year in my country. As I said before and above, I agree with all of you that it sounds absolutely better to file jointly. At our meeting, he is the one who told me that MFJ will give my husband more exemption. So he’s (of course) aware of that. I am still waiting for his response regarding to my question; the reason why my husband should file tax separately. But my guess is since we are also getting help from another person from another branch (specialized in international tax matter), my husband may have to pay two tax accountants which will be a quite a lot. Maybe more than what my husband would save money...? Again, this is all my guess. My husband has his own business for 3-4 years now, but it’s significantly growing this past year and it wouldn’t happen without our accountant help/advice. So my husband and I know that our accountant would like to help us as much as he can. So, I’m sorry for writing this looong post, but my original question was is there any other reasons we should file the tax jointly? Please ignore about the fact that he will get more exemption if tax was filed as MFJ. I just want to make sure that I am not missing any other reason why my husband should file his tax jointly, not because paying tax less, but regarding to our green card interview and such. I have made a mistake when I was applying for K1 visa because I didn't ask my doubt here, and I assumed what I understood was right. I did not want to make the same mistake again Thank you again! I really appreciate all of you taking your time to educate me about tax matter! I am going to wait for our accountant response and may come back here with more questions.. haha Really thank you!
  2. A quick question regarding to filing the tax return; Is there any REQUIREMENT that my husband must file his tax jointly with me? Our accountant asked us this question and I wanted to double check here. I understand that when he files the tax jointly with me, he gets a standard deduction - and for this reason, most of people file the tax jointly. Also when we have our GC interview (expecting around this summer/fall), we can show USCIS that my husband and I (even though I didn't earn any income in the states during 2018) share our income/financial information together which shows our bona fide relationship. Except these reasons above, is there anything I am missing about..? We asked our accountant the reasons why he thinks my husband will be better if he files the tax separately. I am guessing it because my husband has a start-up business and I earned pretty good money during the 1st half of 2018 in my country, he may pay less tax if he files separately...? I have to ask our accountant tho. This is just my guess. We have our joint bank account, all the utility bills and rent lease with both of our names to prove that we live together aka our bona fide relationship. Has anyone heard of a couple having a hard time proving their bona fide relationships because the spouse didn't file the tax together? I have searched this matter on VJ, and I am feeling that we should be okay at the interview as long as we can explain the reason why my husband didn't file the tax jointly and also as long as we bring other types of documents to show our life together. But I wanted to post my own thought and see if anyone can give me some advices/tips! Thank you for your help!
  3. Hi!! I should have all the dates on my profile/timeline page so please check that out because I don't have the notice(s) with me right now and I don't remember the date(s). But my combo card says it's valid from 2/14/2019 Also no, I didn't do a expedite.
  4. Hi everyone! Last Friday (Feb. 22nd), I received my combo card. The day before that (Feb. 21st), I received two approval notices; one for EAD and one for AP. Hope everyone is doing well:)
  5. Hello everyone! Just opened the letter from USCIS for my biometrics appointment. The appointment is on Oct. 31st! (Should I wear a costume!? lol) Notice Date on the letter says 10/12/2018. I didn't check my mailbox for one or two days so it could have been here on Thursday. But it probably took a week or so for the letter to get here after they issued the letter. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
  6. Hope you’ll receive NOA1 soon! Have you received emails/texts or nothing at all?
  7. Hello everyone! I sent my AOS package on 9/22, USCIS received it on 9/24. They deposited my check on 10/2 and I received texts & emails on 10/3. I received hardcopies of NOA1s on 10/6. My Notice Date on NOA1s is October 1st:) I am planning to go to Social Security Office tomorrow or next week. Hopefully I can change my name officially!
  8. Hi everyone! Last Saturday (9/22), I sent my package and they received it today. I probably won't hear back anything from USCIS until October, but I believe I'd be a member of September AOS filers if everything goes well! I'm thinking of going to Social Security Office to see if I can change my name this week or next week. Then a next month or so, I will make a trip to NYC or D.C. to be officially married in Japan too! (Something Japanese citizens have to do if we wanna be officially married in Japan.) Let the waiting game start! AGAIN!!!!
  9. Oh ok! I guess it’s a bit different from K1. Many people told me that I need to write “See Attachment” on the last slot of whatever question was on i129f, so I wrote my address “Physical Address 1” or “Employer 1” and wrote “See Attachment” on Physica Address 2 and Employer 2, and attached the lists for my K1! Thanks for the tip!!
  10. Hi! Thank you for answering my questions! I think some of my questions weren’t clear. I made the attachment for employment history & my address history for i129F which I’m planning to use for I485 as well. My questions about address & employment history was more towards when the form asks “list the address (employer) outside of US.” I would write my Japan address on “Physical Address 2” if there weren’t anymore address, but as I mentioned before, I have too many address (employers) so I have to attach my list. I write “See Attachment” on Physical Address 2, like the pics I attached with my OP. So technically, my Japan address isn’t written “above” when the form says “if not already listed above.” I’m trying to figure out if I should still write my Japan address on i845 or not. I am going to write my Japan address on my list as attachment for sure though. Does this make sense? Should I just write “See Attachment” on Physica Address 2, still write my Japan address when the form asks “if not already listed above” and write my Japan address on the list? I used the sample on VJ to fill out this form! They are super helpful:) I just wanted to make sure rather than just believing/assuming what I’m doing right because I’ve seen too many horror stories on VJ as well...haha Thank you so much for your help!
  11. Hello everyone! It's been a while since I created a topic, but I have a few questions about AOS and wanted to gather information/advice from you all! A little bit about my back ground: I lived in USA as a student visa/OPT and before my OPT was expired, I went back to Japan in July, 2017. My US fiance at the time filed K1 petition for me in October, 2017. My K-1 visa was approved so I came back to the states in July, 2018. I was in Japan for exactly one year. While I was in Japan, I changed my job three times. The first job was at a cafe, then at a hotel, and my last job was at a restaurant. Here are some questions I have for I-485/AOS; 1. What do I call myself? Am I still the beneficiary and is my US citizen husband still my petitioner? 2. Page 4, Part 3, Item# 5, "Address History": I moved a lot for the last five years, and have more than 10 addresses. For I-129F, I made the list of my physical address history by Word, write "See Attachment" for the question on I-129F, and attached the list. I would like to do the same for I-485, but wanted to make sure what I am doing makes sense. On I-485, I write my current USA address as Physical Address 1 on Item #5. I would write my Japan address as Physical Address 2 on Item #7, but since I have an attachment (the list of my address history), I wrote "See Attachment." My second recent address is my Japan address where I stayed for an year. The next page (Page 5, Part 3, Item# 9) says "Provide your most recent address outside the US where you lived for more than one year (If not already listed above)." On the list I am going to provide USCIS will have my Japan address, but since I do not write my Japan address as Physical Address 2 on Page 4, do you think it is okay to write my Japan address on Page 5, Item #9? Or is it confusing? Should I write "See Attachment" on Item #9 as well? 4. A similar question to above; Page 6, Part 3, Item# 19 "Provide your most recent employment outside of the US (if not already listed above.)": My most recent employment was in Japan at a restaurant which I listed as "Employer 1" on Question 11. Even though I had two other jobs in Japan before "Employer 1," should I write "N/A" on question 19? I am going to attach the list of my employment history for the last five years which includes my two other jobs in Japan. I just wanted to make sure writing "N/A" on question 19 is okay since they only ask "most recent employment outside of the US (if not already listed above.)" 5. Page 2, Part 1, Item# 22 "When I last arrived in the US, I:" I choose 22a and write "K-1 visa holder." Is this correct? 6. Page 3, Part 1, Item# 24, "What is your current immigration states (if it has changed since your arrival)?": Should I write N/A because my immigration states has not changed since my arrival? My immigration states is K1 Visa holder since my arrival. 7. Page 7, Part 5, Item# 10, "Is your current spouse applying with you?": Since my spouse is US citizen (my K1 petitioner), I check "No." Correct? I really would like to make sure what I am doing right and less confusing. So I appreciate your answer and advice for my questions! Thank you for reading my post.
  12. Thank you @Naes! And thank YOU for all the help and support you provided here. Every time I talked with my fiancé about the visa process, I mentioned your name because you educated me so much! I look forward to giving you some good news from @faycher and myself. Hope you're doing well:-)
  13. Thank you so much, @faycher!! I was going to send you DM about this since I didn't see that you received your passport on your timeline. I really hope they will send your passport soon.. That's a really long time you haven't received yours yet. So my status on CEAC is "Application Received" which made me worried at first because I thought I'd see "Administrative Processing." So I did some research and found another person whose status on CEAC was "Application Received" for two days after her interview in Tokyo. After 3 days (Wednesday) in the morning, her status became "Administrative Processing," and in the afternoon of the same day, her status became "Issued." It's been 3 days since my interview, but my status is still "Application Received." I think it is because today is the 4th of July-- I believe the embassy had a day off. So I hope to see "Administrative Processing" tomorrow on my status. I read that since there are more people applying for any types of visa from June to August (maybe because many people have summer breaks in Japan!?), it may take more than 7 days for you to receive your passports...
  14. I haven't been here for a while, but I hope everyone's doing well! i had my interview in Tokyo yesterday and we were approved! Now just waiting for my passport. I'm going to review my experience at the embassy soon. Thank you for everyone who has always supported us!! More ways to go when we start AOS, but as of now, I'm happy to take some breaks!:) Have a wonderful rest of the week!