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  1. @arken How much income we need to show for total of 7 household?
  2. My husband who is my mom join sponsor uploaded everything in the system and they all accepted his documents along with mine who are household member because my husband and I filed taxes together. And we make 50k together. The income req. for 7 household is $48,762. I ask the rep. about it she didn't give me any advice. She just said we need a joint sponsor during the interview. But we have it already though. Thats why I am confused. Everything is uploaded and accepted in the system.
  3. This is the message my mom receive, but we submitted a joint sponsor also that meets the income. And on the CEAC its all accepted.
  4. Hi everyone, We need some advice, my mom petition for my siblings and we receive a message from ceac that she didn't meet the income requirements that she need a join sponsor and the applicant bring it during the interview. But my question is, we have a joint sponsor for the petition, who is my husband and he meets the income that was ask according to the poverty guidelines which is almost 49k. We uploaded everything also on ceac website under join sponsor, and its says in the status its all Accepted . Thats why we are wondering about it. Stress and confused waiting for too long for the petition.
  5. I will advice you to call NVC and ask for CSPA protection. Thats what I did and my sister got approved under CSPA.
  6. @BerhaeLee Hello under F2A category (LPR Child under 21 years old).
  7. Hi everyone, Im on the same status. I guess for some reason some of the documents we uploaded wasn't submitted. So when I call the NVC one of the rep didn't tell us exactly what happen. We submitted the papers right away. The I call back the next day. The rep was nicer and tell me that some of the documents was uploaded but wasn't submitted. Its frustrating because we submitted everything at the same day. Now, because of the simple mistake, we need to wait for them to review it again. Hmmm, now waiting again to have those papers reviewed. Good luck to all of us. Cross fingers hope it won't take another 6-8 weeks for them to review the paper work.
  8. @TheKlaw Hello any update on your case? Because my sister got CSPA protected faster than I thought. We call the NVC and they forwarded it to the supervisor and after couple days they said she is under CSPA protection. Hope everything is going well with your case. Good luck!
  9. @Jane Hat Sorry, so my husband have to fill up form i864 even if my mom live with us?
  10. @Jane Hat I will let you know. Im doing research also because we don't want to mess up the form and can cause delation of the petition. Good luck with you.
  11. @Jane Hat Hi Jane, Im confused also. My mom is petitioning my sister. My mom didn't make enough money so me and my husband wanted to help her out. A household members is a person who lives in the same address but in the form i864 you can only put relatives (spouse, daughter, son). So I was wondering if my husband should fill up i864A also or diff. form? Thank you.
  12. Hi everyone, We were trying to help my mom on her affidavit of support. My mom live with us and her income is not enough to support my sister. Now, my husband and I file tax together. We have two kids plus my mom, that makes us 5. Our household income adding my sister that need to show is almost $49k. But what form me and my husband should need to fill up to help my mom? Because on the form i864 I was part of the household member as her (daughter) living in the same physical address and what about my husband who is part of the household also? Does he need to fill up the form i864A or the form i864 as the joint sponsor? Im confused. Thank you.
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