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  1. Your posts are a little confusing Are you the US citizen? What/Who are you applying for? Your timeline says you have adjusted status already. Are you trying to remove conditions on your wife's GC? Or are you trying to adjust your childrens status?
  2. Do you have a My USCIS Account? If you do, try sending in a request through there too? It might get seen by different people
  3. During my K1 process I got an RFE to translate my Birth certificate from English to English. I am English! I rolled with it and did exactly as they asked. I would follow everyone's advice and submit primary evidence. Passport stamps and boarding passes. IMO the stamps you posted are legible. BUT I would still annotate all passport scans that you send with a short explanation of what exactly is being shown. Clarity is key. Don't leave any room for misinterpretation. If you want an easy immigration process, do whatever they ask.
  4. This was my issue too. My DL expires in July and I needed that NOA action to get a new one. I got my NOA resent and now i'm good so I hope that they resend yours soon. One piece of advice I do have: Check to see if your state extended DL expiry's because of COVID-19. NC extended all DL expiry's by 5 months so I actually have until December to renew. One good thing that came from this.
  5. Urgh, I'm so mad that you are all still waiting. I just don't understand why they can't resend them like they did with mine.
  6. My NOA arrived!!!! I used the online form I posted in a link on here. Look back a few pages. They mailed it the next day. But we are military and I don’t know if that helped because other people haven’t had the same luck.
  7. I would email lockbox support and also use the link I posted in here for non-delivery. I only used the non-delivery notice and that was enough to get it resent. Some people have had to do both
  8. I have a uscis letter coming today. Dated May 19th which is when they said they remailed my NOA. Will update you guys when it arrives. It is not my original NOA but could be the one they resent.
  9. If your package was just delivered you may want to join the May filers. This is April filers. The info on here won't help you much if you filed a whole month later
  10. I'm sorry. Mine looked the same but with the line about re-mailing and nothing about sending a request to the lockbox. Still no sign that they have actually mailed it out though so we'll see.
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