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  1. Just received NVC DQ email few minutes ago. All documents were accepted and approved. Submitted documents on Monday 5/11.
  2. Just checked the NVC ID number on Ceac status tracker and it shows case is at NVC. See screenshot
  3. They never did. Just check profile on 4/30 and saw I was approved as well as approval document on account.
  4. Seems everything is moving fast for us now. I just receive an email from NVC with case number and Invoice ID number just one day after case approval on 4/30 with USCIS. Still in shock it was that fast. 🙏
  5. I got LIN receipt for my I-129F. Status has never been changed since received. Seems like they never check it because nothing was done with it before my I-130 approval.
  6. Thanks. If you have the online account check under documents and you will see the RFE. That is how I saw mine and responded fast before getting the slow mail. Don't sweat it it might be something easy. I sent all my documents with both I-130 & I-129f applications including my marriage certificate. However, because my paper application was converted to an online IOE application some of my documents were not upload and pictures were sent back to me. Wish the best!
  7. Yaaaaaay. Case has been approved today. Case type (paper mail converted to online): IOE I-130 PD: 8/02/2019 I-129F PD: 11/22/2019 RFE: 4/10/2020 Response to RFE (Marriage certificate): 4/13/2020 Approval notice date: 4/29/2020
  8. Just got off the phone with USCIS and was transferred to the technical department. They did not see rfe from their end. However, advice uploaded document(s) tittle should not be more than 14 characters with no special characters as well. Changed documents tittle and submitted successfully. Hope this helps anyone with same issue.
  9. Congratulations! Having same issue, PD: 8/7/19. Checked my account on Saturday and realized I had and rfe for marriage certificate (minor issue) with no email, text or status change notification. I sent all documents with marriage certificate in I-130 (but IOE was issue) and pictures were returned to me. Also sent i-129f PD: 11/22/19 with all documents including marriage certificate as in I-130. I have been trying to upload marriage certificate but system keep uploading after I click submit. I have sent an email for technical issue resolve. Waiting for reply. Have tried couple of times with explorer and chrome but same results. Document is under 6MB and shows ready to submit but seems system has a glitch. Anyone experiencing technical issues uploading rfe documents online?
  10. You shouldn't worry. The Walmart photo album for bonafide relationship evidence for I, wife and son was sent back with letter indicating it was wrong format. They did not request me to send the right format except if I have questions call USCIS #. I called and the nice rep told me I shouldn't worry because everything was uploaded except the album because it was not in the format to upload to the IOE case process. She said everything is fine and case is in processing. No extra photos should not be sent with request it might get lost. If the processing officer needs pictures he/she will request an RFE. She added that it is a habit of USCIS to return documents they do not need for processing. Most of they documents will only be required at the interview level.
  11. My IOE case was updated with my beneficiary (wife) name added and processing update date changed from 8/7 to 8/31. Seems case was updated on 8/31. Fingers crossed.
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