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  1. It seem like there are some states that issue driver’s licenses with the US flag printed on them, that only available for US Citizens! Does anyone know more information about this? just curious! thank you!
  2. Hey, I have a question I’ve been wondering about! should I update my citizenship with IRS? after receiving my naturalization certificate I did the followings: I applied for US Passport! updated my Social Security Record I got a new driver’s license registered to vote And even with the bank but what about the IRS? Thank you!
  3. What if I change jobs before taking oath ceremony? There is nowhere to include on the oath letter? any thoughts?
  4. So did the state department send you back your original Naturalzation certifcate or just a copy back?!! I hope they sent you back your original!
  5. So I have a question that I have been wondering about it in awhile! so when you apply for your first US Passport it says on the application " place of Birth - City and Country. but I'm curious, once they issue the Passport ,would they list the City & County or just the Country? I know it's a silly question but I know some of you already went through the Passport process so I was wondering. thank you guys!
  6. So I'm gonna ask the question that we all have been wondering about at some point! so when you receive the naturalzation certificate and get ready to apply for a passport you have to send the original! I know that! but I read on the passport website that they can accept a certified copy of it! so now how to make a certified copy? and does that mean you get to keep the original home and send the certified one to the passport place ? because to me my naturalzation certificate Is extremely valuable!!!! so I would like to hear some options about this! Thank you and I'm sorry if I sound silly but I waited a long long time to get this Certificate!
  7. What to take to the post office when applying for a US passport for the first time? I appreciate all your help!
  8. Thank you so much! Yeah I thought they might not have this kind of service at the Oath Ceremony!
  9. So I would like to know a little bit about people who applied for a passport specifically at the ceremony NOT the post office!!! Can you request an expedited application for a passport at the ceremony or express delivery like how they do at the post offices?!? I would appreciate sharing the details! thank you!
  10. I don't have a digital camera, can I take my iPhone to the ceremony to take pictures?
  11. Thank you guys! I was wondering about it!
  12. So after you become a US citizen, do you still need to update your address with the USCIS every time you move?
  13. Congratulations!!!!!! so your website says certifcate of naturalization was issued and if you move go to .... And give us your new mailing address!???!?!? I always thought once you are a US Citizen! you don't have to keep updating the USCIS with every time you move or I'm I missing something here?
  14. Thank you so much 😊
  15. I have a question, so when do people get form N 445 ? ( the one that you have to fill before your oath! ) does the officer give it to you after the interview? or you wait for it in the mail? I appreciate the responses