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  1. Hi guys...am sorry that am not able to come online because of busy work schedule and twice I got so sick that I couldnt even go to work. Anyways, I wanted you guys to know that I do think about you all and am glad that most of my friends have received their green cards or received interview notices. I congratulate each one of you and to most of you who are still waiting for interview notices please have more patience because every genuine AOS applicant will reach to the green card stage at some point of time. Am sure a few of my friends like @Canelita @T_P @Hamilton@Texasfiler and a few others know that when everyone got their EAD's I received a RFIE and that totally broke me and i thought that's another hurdle and my AOS is gonna take a loooooong time but then after 1 month after responding to RFIE i received my EAD and one month after that I received interview notice and again, one month after that I received my green card so please have patience and we all are here to help each other. God bless you all
  2. This morning I have received my AOS Approval letter as well as my Green Card. I thought it would come on two separate days but I was happy to see them in the mailbox ironically, May11th 2017 is when I entered US and today is May10th 2018- Within one year I received my GC I thought it will take more 6 months as my EAD got delayed
  3. You can fly into any US international airport. My wife( then fiancee) is from Ohio but I entered at JFK, New York and there wasn't any problem.
  4. Thank you too and this is not the end though because am sure we all will help each other not matter what
  5. Thank you my friend . I know...it was terrible waiting for the EAD and just 20-25 minutes into the interview we were approved on the spot and told me about the conditional GC and how to apply for ROC. What is your current status ?
  6. Thanks Yes at least I can live and work peacefully and when everything is genuine AOS and ROC cannot stop anyone.
  7. UPDATE: Hey Guy..I would like to tell all my friends that my AOS journey has finally come to an end (8th August 2017- 4th May 2018). The interview was this morning (May 4th) at 8:45 and the interview went smoothly. It lasted about 25 minutes and the best part is by 10:00 am I received a email from USICS it said "Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production". I thank allllllllll my friends here for all their help and inputs during my AOS journey.
  8. COngrats :).....within 7-10 days you should receive your card
  9. congrats buddy that was a long wait cool....when's your interview date ?
  10. hey...am doing great....what about you? My interview is scheduled at cincinnati office on May 4th Thanks ...what's the status of your case?
  11. oh....am so sorry....thank you very much Yea the transition did happen from one month working in a fast-food restaurant to a desk job in a office
  12. At Cincinnati office..... nah, status for I-485 is still "Response for RFIE Received"
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