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  1. My timeline now says between March 2 and 9... 😂 I'm really hoping it's our week for an EAD too!
  2. I can't say as far as the extension if that will work or not, I would think it would if they asked for it, but I can say don't let Administrative Processing get you down. My fiancees case was put from ready to AP the day after her interview and the next day it changed to issued. Everyone goes into AP, processing the visa and paperwork is as much AP as being put on hold for more info is. Fingers crossed for you!!
  3. They did keep her passport, they said she'd have everything back in 1-2 weeks. Just that 'it's not an official yes cause rules say I can't say definitely yes here and now' comment by the CO that's giving me worry lol She says they had received her medical, which was our worry cause she was only able to get in a week before the interview for her medical, but Christchurch was real fast with that turn around! XD
  4. Quick check in to say that today was my fiancée's interview at the Auckland embassy. She said it was quick once they actually let her in, she showed up early and they turned her away the first time. Also, make sure you have your interview letter, she said that they were turning people away in front of her that didn't have it. She said that when she actually got to talk to the CO, he only asked a few basic questions, what I do, how we met, how I proposed (she said she gushed about how cute it was, I'm dying from mortal embarrassment cause I was jetlagged and I dropped the ring and gave up and was just like 'uhhhh....so.....wanna get married? I mean, if you want? it's cool if not! No pressure or anything!'), things like that, then asked if she minded answering about if it bugged her that I was married before, and to a man. She explained that no, it didn't, that she and I both knew we were bi before we ever started dating, and that was it. She said she was told by the CO that she was 'approved but that's not an official answer as per rules' and she'll receive her stuff in 1-2 weeks, and that'll be when she knows for sure, and that her medical expires in October, so she'll have to be over before then. I'm nervous, from what I've read a lot of people are given an approval at the time of interview, but I don't remember really seeing any 'yes, but it's not an official answer' stories. ::quietly panics in the corner::
  5. My phone started going crazy halfway through a massive rush of stuff at work, and I didn't get to check till lunch. And about lost it in the break room, as I had four texts from uscis and an update on the app that our case was approved today!! 😭😭😭 June 26th filer, 212 days.
  6. The noa2 approval expires after a few months (someone else can probably say if it's 4 or 6, I'm drawing a blank) but the long and short of it is unless you can convince the embassy to extend it, you've got a limited window in which you can push the interview back before that approval expires and you have to start again
  7. 1800-375-5283 is the number i called, and then 1, 2, 2, 2 I told them i didn’t have my WAC and they transferred me to tier II, which did the ‘automated call-back’ set up, and i got a call back an hour later that showed up as 800-000-0000 just fyi, so don’t ignore that thinking it’s a scam or something XD I’m the USC
  8. So I figured I’d bite the bullet and just give USCIS a call today, since I was done orienting at the hospital early, cause I don’t know when I’ll next get to sit around waiting for them to ring me back will be now that I’ve got a proper full time non independant contractor (that doesn’t satisfy visa requirements because of how my taxes get filed) job. Yay me! XD Called and got through to a tier I rep, told them I didn’t have my WAC# (which was true since I was still on campus and didn’t have any of my paperwork with me.) He was super sweet, really nice, said no problem, I’ll transfer you to tier II, they can help. An hour later I got a call back from a tier II rep, who got me my WAC, after giving me a heartattack cause she jumped right in with ‘what’s your last name?’ ... ‘i don’t have any files in the system with that last name’ OMG But anyway. I was given the standard ‘you may have to wait a few more weeks, we don’t have any sort of timeline anymore, we’re still working on June 1 cases’ so i go ‘omgosh, i wonder how many cases you guys GOT for 6/1, since it says on the site that you were working on 6/1 back on 10/31/17’ and she just goes ‘...yeaaa....we really got a lot. Anyway, give it a couple weeks then try again, but you should be good in a couple weeks.’ I swear if i get an approval on my phone at work i’ma scare the hell outta patients XD I was trying to save some heart attacks, i swear!!!
  9. Lol I just realized that rereading the last post 😂 I wonder if we ran across one another in the 😂l airport 😂 Pri has loads more patience then me, but this whole waiting and being apart thing is really dragging on her. She just asks for updates on how everyone in the forum's doing. I'm the one that likes to research everything online and she's the one that goes 'its the government... We'll see it when we see it, and there's no point in stressing over it till then...' I just hope we get moving on this stuff before the police records she got from the Japanese consulate for her exchange student thing need to be redone... I feel bad groaning about how long I've been waiting what with people like John add Rose, and the mat and April filers, but there's times where the rugby player I sat next to on my flight back up to Auckland seemed to have the right idea... Why did I get on that plane? Why didn't I stay? Logically? Cause kiwilandia doesn't have any need for my skills so I can't get a work visa lol. But when she had a bad allergic reaction last night to surprise mushrooms in her food and had to get herself home, and I could do was sit on Instagram and wait for her to message me that she was home safe... That was one of those 'wish I'd just stayed' moments! I've got my fingers crossed for you to get through to the next step in the process soon! Bring ALL THE KIWIS TO ILLINOIS! 😂
  10. I just told her we might be able to still have lamb and she just made the most adorable excited noises 😂😂😂 I think we're probably gonna have to split a lamb to keep our kiwi spouses properly fed, yea? 😋 MLK Jr day is a federal holiday, so I'm going to guess they're closed, yea. 😩 this is the first year I've NOT enjoyed close holidays, but can we just get into the holiday drought already? 😋
  11. Hopefully it's an noa2! 😂 I joined the 200+ club on Friday 😥 reading all these 'noa2 showed up in my mailbox today, no updates elsewhere' stories and am cursing the post office for not delivering tomorrow! What if I've got an noa2?! Don't they understand my neeeeeed?! (They're like calm yourself child, all you ever get is junk mail!) 😂
  12. If you draw a triangle between Champaign, Decatur, and mattoon, I'm roughly in the center of the wonky triangle of nothingness that creates 😂 I'm out in the fields, but the nearest actual town is a little bitty one called Lovington
  13. Haha omg you guys are like an hour and a half north of me! I'm sure Pri will be glad to know she's not the only kiwi adjusting to all the flatness of central Illinois! 😂 after visiting her last March for a whole month, I totally understood her concern about what's holding the sky up here! 😋 so many corn fields, so few sheep!
  14. Another kiwi couple here! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that Auckland remains a relatively smooth cake walk after this long as wait for you! Today I join the 200+ day club, but I'm hoping yesterday's activity continues going forward and we all start getting more good news!
  15. Same here, I had fully hoped to have my first Christmas with my wife last year, and this slow down never even crossed my mind as a possibility. Not to this degree. But we both agree that on the positive side she gets to skip over the hellish cold this year lol. Illinois this year is very much of the 'kill the weak' mindset, the whole dang country is! So at least they don't get a 'baptism by ice storm' to their lives here? I've got a good feeling about this week for you! 🤞🤞🤞