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  1. Hey VJrs! Anyone here moved to NYC? I’ve been here for a month now and I’m starting to get bored lol. Would love to hear what other people have been up to in the big Apple
  2. Thanks! And do you get anything back in the mail confirming you filled, like a NOA1 sort of thing? My husband (yay) and I are moving into our new place in two weeks and I’m thinking I should put the new address..
  3. anyone filling out the adjustment of status (i-485) that could help me out? Receipt number of your underlying petition> is this our WAC or our other number, at the embassy? Have you ever applied for an immigrant visa to obtain permanent resident status... ?
  4. Mine said application received and two days later visa issued, so good luck! And of course, another few days to be able to pick up the passport..
  5. Hi everyone, I had to take some time off VJ due to my level of stress. I am picking up my passport this Friday and travelling to the US that same day, boy this has been one hell of a journey and I've spent SO MUCH MONEY visiting my fiance. I do hope everyone still waiting gets through and that this is like they say when a woman has a baby, she forgets all about the bad prenancy stuff and just enjoys the baby, in our case, our long awaited marriage. Sending love and patience and money cause we need it at this point xxx
  6. I've been following other people's status in my country and if you pick up the passport at the same city as the interview, it's taking around 10 days for passport to be ready, so since my interview is May 8th, I'm hoping I can travel May 18th, but will only buy my flight once my visa status changes to issued! How about you?
  7. I did, but my case was approved March 2nd and I was only able to schedule interview for May 8th due to the lack of interviews dates and NVC/USCIS taking their sweet time
  8. Wow you guys are so lucky with your embassy! In Brazil, there are like 3 dates per month and needless to say it runs out pretty quickly
  9. Sure, here’s what I wrote without names and numbers: to immigrationrio@state.gov “Dear US Consulate I have had my fiancé visa approved and NVC sent to you under the case number RDJxxxxx, my name is Marina Xxxx and my fiancé is Bradley Xx. . I am not able to schedule my interview online and I am in a hurry since I have been waiting since July 24th 2017, my NOA1 date. I currently have no place to live in Brazil, since my lease ended and I could not renew it due to my Immigration process. Could you please allow me to schedule my interview?”
  10. you're welcome! After two weeks not checking VJ, I came back and read all the messages in our thread and here's my final thought: BUREAUCRACY SUCKS, BUT LOVE BEATS EVERYTHING! Be patient, we will soon all be filing our adjustment of status right by our loved ones
  11. Good luck to him! My physical is on the 19th! And by the time I had my case number, interviews for April 24th in Brazil were gone, so I had to schedule it for May 8th and bought a flight to visit my fiance meanwhile because we can't take it anymore!
  12. I had that same problem, I am also eletronic system and I just rang them and said something like I would like to speak to a supervisor, I want to understand why it is taking so long to assign a case number, because no where in your website there is an express provision that it should take 8 weeks and I am aware of people that had their case number assigned even though they were received at NVC after mine. Then they said that there were no supervisors available, so I asked them to ring me back, gave them my fiance's US number as they can't ring back foreign numbers and within a few hours, I rang again and our case number was magically created.... so you should try that!
  13. Mine took one day from "at NVC" to "in transit" and another day to "ready" - since I couldn't schedule an interview online when it said in transit, god knows why, I emailed my embassy and within 2 hours it changed to "ready" and they replied back with instructions/packet 3
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