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  1. Green card on its way!! So excited. EAD still stuck in "fingerprint review completed", so I guess it wi'll just stay there forever... I am so grateful for all of you and your support and help. This has been a crazy whirlwind. We thought it would be quick to get AP/EAD. Now 7 months after filing my husband will have his Greencard?! Insanity. Next week off to the SSA and the DMV and then DONE for two years!
  2. YAY!!! So I guess they were right above!?! I'm so happy for you! This is EAD/AP, yes? I was a bit worried for you given that they changed the dates again. You should have had this MONTHS ago...congrats!!
  3. My husband was just asked to sit while they checked his AP in the office. They only asked him how long he was in Ireland. Then they came out and handed him the stamped form and he left (he had an emergency AP so a piece of paper). It was faster than waiting on the normal line!
  4. Thank you!! Interview was good -- he said he would recommend that we are approved. He actually asked much more than I was expecting and even though there is nothing wrong with our application it was nerve wracking! He asked my husband what my birthday is, the date we met, date we got married, date of his previous divorce, how we met, when we got engaged, how that happened, why we decided to get married and how we started talking about that, whether we had family with us, whether we saw family afterward, whether we went on a honeymoon, what kind of job I have (US citizen) and asked my husband what kind of car I drive, what time I leave and come back from work each day, where my kids go to school, and more. It was very casual and he was INCREDIBLY nice but it was just a lot lol. My husband was drenched in sweat by the end lol! He answered questions we had about the process and we talked a bit about how he still hasn't gotten EAD/AP and he said all looked good and his job is just to make sure we are in a real relationship and that he's not a terrorist (lol -- he was like, "you're not, right?"). He asked if we brought any photos or proof of relationship. We gave him what we had and he looked through the photos and asked us where we were in each one, if we liked our trips, etc. He was funny. We were done in an hour and now just wait! So happy that it's over. He explained what happens in two years and said to start saving up "proof" for the next application in two years to remove conditions because you want to OVER send for that one so they just stamp approve and don't ask for more -- he said to send as much as possible. Good to know. I won't be relaxed until the card is in hand, but thankful to all of you for helping me get through this process!!
  5. Thanks for this -- did you already have a drivers license in CA? My husband got one in PA but only valid for a year. When he gets the GC I guess he can go and update it? Or maybe he needs to wait until it's ready to expire...not sure. And did you take anything for SSA office besides your SS card and green card?
  6. Our green card interview is tomorrow. Freaking out just a little bit! For good luck we went and got flu shots today (that was the one vaccine he didn't get) just in case lol. For my very needle-phobic husband, it was a big event. Anything last minute I haven't thought of? Hope it goes smoothly!
  7. Yes I would call USCIS and speak to tier two and ask about expediting. I don’t see how it could hurt anything to be honest.
  8. Thanks that’s helpful. Did he ask you both questions about meeting etc?
  9. How was your interview in Philly? Hope all went smooth for you. Interested to know what to expect there next week!
  10. Oh no, I just did it because it worked for me. I used pocket dividers, labeled them, and put papers in each pocket. Same idea really as an accordion folder. I suppose that would have been easier but it didn’t occur to me lol
  11. Thank you! I think I have completed my binder -- it's so thick I can't close it lol. I should have everything I need Just finishing annotating and printing the photos
  12. For green card interview, what does this mean: All documentation establishing your eligibility for lawful permanent resident status. What exactly are they looking for here?
  13. You’re fine! As long as you are legit don’t worry! We are Philly too next week!! Good luck. BTW how did you show proof of authorized user on credit card? I can’t find a way to “print” that info.
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