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  1. Hi just checking in to see if you've heard anything new. I'm guessing probably not...was talking to someone last week who just got his green card (not a K1 -- was a student visa and work sponsored him to stay) in February and he was saying how grateful he is because he knows so many people now who were in the USA on visas who may have to leave, but of course no flights are going, so they are stuck and not sure what to do. We have a friend in Ireland doing a K1 who was about to have his interview the week of the shutdown and now nothing. I feel so bad for everyone stuck in limbo right now not knowing what will happen. And that you haven't been able to be home in over a year ugh. My husband went to Ireland in February and came back just as everything was beginning to shut down. His sister and her whole family ended up getting Coronovirus (they are all thankfully recovered) so no one has been able to see their dad as he is very ill with a lung disease and my husband is so worried about the next time he will be able to go home. We are hoping for September. His sister was supposed to come with her family here for vacation in June but obviously everything got canceled. Anyway, I'm blabbing but just thinking of you all.
  2. Any update? Crazy times people. I hope you are all safe and staying INSIDE. My husband has a friend back in Ireland who has been going through the K1 process and he had his interview scheduled last week and they canceled. So now who knows when it will be rescheduled or what will happen. I feel for him. This is insane!
  3. Yikes -- I agree. I would try to call and at least ask someone. My fingers are tightly crossed for you @Nicola and Jordan!!
  4. Just read through about 6 pages of new posts. I started a new job a few weeks ago and have been traveling a ton. My husband (the applicant) just got a new job at whole foods, so first time he will fill out employment info with his new green card! Just wanted to say CONGRATS to all of you who have been approved over the past few weeks (seems like a good number of people) and for the few in DC who just got notified of their interviews! I will say that it seems like everyone who started in this original group is finally coming to the end of this horrible process! It's a huge relief. Congrats to everyone!
  5. Honestly my guess is you will need none of anything on your list. At our interview he only wanted to see the photos and kind of flipped through them asking us questions about the trips we had taken and what we saw that we liked lol. He asked the standard questions that are already on the form that you completed with the application. I had this giant notebook and he couldn't have cared less. But always better to be over prepared! Good luck!!
  6. From what I've seen that's pretty standard (I honestly can't remember if we got that paper but I *think* we did?!?!?) and then the update changed the next day. My guess is yours does the same. It seems that for most people they like to leave you with a little "we will let you know" but if there were any problems, they would have brought them up in the interview. Congrats!
  7. OMG my husband and I were just talking about you because he went to Ireland for the holidays and when he came back it reminded me that I had no idea whether you were ever able to come back!! I'm SOOOOO sorry for all of this mayhem. Beyond horrible. Obviously too easy to say, but, it's only money (sigh). And at least you are well versed in hounding the government for answers, so I'm praying for a quick rescheduling of your GC appointment. What a nightmare.
  8. YAY!! Finally it seems even the long waits are coming to an end!!
  9. My husband was in Ireland and we got notice that the interview was scheduled. He came back with the AP no problems and didn't show anything else. They honestly could barely have cared and just checked in the system and then stamped him and he was on his way. You'll be fine and CONGRATS!
  10. OMG this is so horrible. Are you flying through Dublin? They do the customs check there and it's a breeze. I would think with copy of the AP paperwork and the police report that you might have a chance? I am so sorry for you. I honestly cannot even imagine...
  11. It’s an I-797 notice of action for I131 application for travel document. But based on the received date (8/8) it is his emergency AP that they already gave him and he already used in August!!! It says they have approved his application and the travel document will be mailed to him separately. He has a green card now..:so this literally makes NO sense at all lol
  12. Turns out it was approval of his advanced parole!??!?! HUH??? He has had his green card for a MONTH! These people are so weird. I kind of wondered if that's what it was because they had asked for more info which we sent in but then that case was closed when the Greencard was approved. And he also filed for an emergency AP and they were definitely very confused about the whole thing (why?? Who knows...). It says his AP card will come in the mail lol. I wonder if it will??
  13. USPS informed delivery says my husband has a letter from USCIS today and it looks like an NOA letter from the photo...very odd since he already has his Greencard?? I'm a little worried...guess we will see in a few hours when the mail comes!
  14. Does seem like FINALLY they are going through all the March people who hadn't yet been approved. It's such good news and I'm hopeful for those who haven't heard yet that it's COMING! FINALLY!!! So happy for everyone who has heard the past few weeks. Congrats! On to a "normal" life
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