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  1. americaninlove

    January 2019 - AOS Filers

    Looks like that form needs to be completed by an approved doctor? Guess he will need to do that here because there are none near him. He had to travel several hours for the medical. I’m assuming you can get that completed in the US?
  2. americaninlove

    January 2019 - AOS Filers

    Thanks and I remember you too! Hope all is well with you! This is advice is great. I’ve copied and pasted it all to keep for next month. I keep seeing the DS-3025 mentioned. How do you get this? He didn’t receive anything after the medical except a CD.
  3. americaninlove

    January 2019 - AOS Filers

    Hi my fiancé will be here Feb 3rd (finally...filed feb 2018!) so just trying to get organized. Since you’ve submitted all the paperwork recently, any tips you can share? My fiancé was not able to get a flu shot in Germany (they did not have any). Think that will cause any problems? Thanks!
  4. My fiance had his interview today (also with the holidays, many people were scheduling next week at the end of 2018 and his was 3 weeks as the next available) and was approved! Everything was super fast and lines around the corner so hopefully that means they are picking back up again.
  5. Seems like it slowed down a week into December. Hoping it picks back up again if the government ever starts again!! Ahhhh!!!
  6. My fiancé has his interview on Thursday. When he did the medical he did not have a flu shot. The doctor didn’t even mention it. Should he still get one and just bring proof to the interview just in case?
  7. Does anyone know if the beneficiary can travel WITHIN the USA on an airplane by just using their foreign passport while waiting for AOS and AP? I know he can't leave the country, but just wondering if there are any issues with regular domestic air travel. Trying to book a trip in the summer. I tried searching but didn't come up with an answer.
  8. We got it on December 17th and the next available was January 10th. Then they had every Thursday in January after the 10th so it seems as if they are pretty much done from now until January 10th. I would not expect to hear much back from them between now and then unfortunately. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we've lost a lot of days! But we're getting there!
  9. Yes the entire packet and all supporting documents. And then took several weeks for us to get P4 which is when you schedule the interview. Very German of them to require everything in advance and correct before even scheduling. On the plus side it sounds like the interviews are very short!
  10. You cannot schedule in Germany until you get the email from them to schedule. You have to wait until you get the P3 in the mail (not sure if you did yet), send back all the info, then wait for them to email you P4. For us it took two weeks after we sent back the P3 until my fiancé got the email to schedule the interview. He had paid a month before that (before he even got the P3...that took a few weeks too after the consulate received the application).
  11. I did it when we saw each other last. Otherwise send it by mail (several weeks) or UPS (a few days but expensive). It is not e-friendly but that’s what you have to do. Lots of hoops to jump through!
  12. I wish! Germany is different that way. But thankfully they still have interviews lots in January available!!
  13. Yes you cannot schedule until they send you the email to do so. I only knew availability from seeing other people’s posts in Germany. Actually my fiancé got the email this morning to schedule his interview finally!
  14. It took almost 8 months from filing to NOA2, 3.5 weeks from NOA2 to arriving at NVC, two weeks for it to leave there, and then three weeks to get the P3. Was totally prepared. Sent it back same day. Already had medical done. And now weeks later and nothing. Got an email from embassy on Friday. Thought it would be to schedule interview. Instead it said to bring something to interview and that they would send another email later to schedule interview. Who knows when that will be. Already they only have interviews for the end of January and the damn NOA2 is going to expire. Just soooooooo done.
  15. Easy to say when your process took a few months. It has nothing to do with expectations and everything to do with EMOTIONS. I absolutely get that that is a concept you know nothing of. Some of us do, and therefore this is hard.