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  1. okay someone just told me to fill out 3 I130 one with wife and kids and 2 for each child over 21 what do you guys think about that?
  2. i thought it would be each application if you are a citizen but he is a resident.
  3. im trying to help my uncle very confused.. My uncle is a resident not a citizen. He makes more than enough money to sponsor them. He is married his wife has one child who is 18 years old. He has 4 kids from a previous relationship but two of those kids are over 21 yrs old. How will we fill out the i130? Can his wife and her son be on one application? And can we fill another application with his four kids?
  4. Yes he understand that. His wife and her 2 kids And his 3 kids so we are talking about 6 people. Okay so my uncle has 3 kid, and his wife has 2 kids And he wants to bring them to the US. He is a green Card Holder. Can i do one application for his wife and her 2 kids? And then another application fot his 3 kids? Send them all in one packet with 2 separete filling fees.? If im missing something please explain Thank you
  5. Okay so one application for wife and her kids And another one for his kids from previous marriage. I dont believe they have kids together.please correct me if im wrong
  6. Yes he is in the us already. But this id a diffrent case im asking for my uncle and he is a green card holder not a citizen.
  7. If you are a green card holder can you petition your wife and her kids on one single application? And can i add my kids from previous marriage to that same application or should it be on a different application?
  8. My husband visa was approved just now!!! Beyond excited. Interview only lasted about 3 minutes. Questions asked: How old are we Whats my daughter name How many times have i traveled Where do i stay when i visit him
  9. Heading towards the interview with my husband hooe everything turns out great!!!!🙏🙏🙏
  10. I just recieved an email when it was cc and another one for the interview. 6 months i believe
  11. Thank You, Im hoping it will. I have read alot of reviews on the embassy ans cr1 seem to get approved with quick interviews.