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  1. Contact your embassy asap! My husband's visa felt like it was taking forever (it wasn't really... we were just worried he wouldn't get here in time for Christmas) and we emailed the embassy and they sorted it out right away.
  2. My husband had no issues visiting on ESTA just two weeks before his scheduled CR1 interview. There is a whole mega-thread on this:
  3. That's tough. It read to me like you stayed March, April, May, June and then tried to return again later in June. So if you were able to spend four months outside your country, it makes them wonder. Maybe they think you are trying to find clients in the US. Filing the I-130 could be in your favor, I suppose, because it shows you're going to go through the process legally, but if they already denied you a tourist visa once six months ago it doesn't sound like they will grant it to you now. No harm trying...
  4. If I'm reading you correctly you had a one-month overstay which resulted in you being ineligible for VWP. You then applied for a tourist visa in the same month, with hardly any time spent outside of the US after your overstay. So... Why do you think you were refused a tourist visa? It sounds like you weren't able to show close ties to the CR. What has changed in the last six months, besides your rental agreement?
  5. Our status changed to Issued today. So it was in AP for 11 days, Ready for 1 day, and it turned to Issued on the 13th day after the interview. We had certainly hoped it would be faster. Now we are waiting for the passport to arrive by courier and hopefully he can fly on Monday after saying his goodbyes over the weekend.
  6. Our status changed to Ready today. Hopefully it will say Issued soon.
  7. We are also nervous. Our interview was Nov 30 and they kept my husband's passport but on CEAC we are in AP. I searched VJ and found a range of answers, from people saying it was normal to be in AP for a few days while they process your visa and then other people who are in AP for weeks or months. I am hoping that since they kept my husband's passport and told him he would receive it last week or this, then that will be true.
  8. Radiators are pretty common in apartments in New York City. Other than that, I don't think I've ever seen them built into houses in the US. Central heating is considered more luxurious, I guess, because your whole house is warm. But yes, welcome to the wastefulness of America. And I bet if you mention this to your neighbors they will think you're nuts, because obviously the US is the most advanced!
  9. We call what you're referring to "central heating." And yes, it is very wasteful to heat a whole house when you only really need 1-2 rooms heated at a time! You can get portable space heaters, use candles, drink tea, wear warmer clothes if your fiance wants to keep the temperature cooler than you like. Maybe set it on a timer so the house is warmed up right when you get home from work and again when you wake up in the morning.
  10. Was it able to work out for you? We also had logistical issues finding the best flight for our cat to come to the US. I was originally going to bring her back from Chile months ago, but encountered the same problem you did -- I was booked on two flights, each on separate airlines, and even though the airlines actually were partners they had different requirements and told me I could not bring the cat. So my husband brought her when he came to visit just a few weeks ago. We spent probably about three hours comparing airline pet policies and before he purchased his ticket he called the airline to doublecheck. Honestly the actual flight was extremely easy. No one at any point checked whether she had vaccinations or paperwork or a chip or anything. My husband did pay the fee for her at the airport but he almost felt as though he could have walked her on as regular carry-on baggage without paying the fee and no one would have noticed.
  11. Did you end up being able to find info? The California DMV website is very confusing and whenever I search "California immigrant drivers license" it tells me that illegal immigrants can get drivers licenses... ok, fine, but what about my legal immigrant husband, what does he need to do? I have concluded that, as someone posted above, you have to totally start over and take both written and practical tests. The first appointment I could get is six weeks from now. I have also seen that they will take your original drivers license from your country so I've told DH to leave it behind in his country.
  12. Never mind, figured it out, it's a very tiny link!
  13. Is there a way to edit consulate reviews once they're posted? I realized too late I have some more comments to add but can't figure out how.
  14. Update your timeline so future Chilean visa applicants can have more info! My husband just had his interview today and was approved. Crossing my fingers that yours gets approved before the holidays!
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    Interview set

    Wow, that's a long wait! What country?