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  1. Yes, we filed taxes this year married & jointly. I brought the federal tax return to the interview, but I gave it to her as proof of our residence and not part of the financial support. I brought our copy of the AoS packet with all forms updated to reflect current financials and they didn't ask for any of it! I think I had about 8-10 photos of us and my family - from the wedding and holidays. I wrote all the info/dates on the back and she looked through them.
  2. No, we didn't, although we planned to use it (our December trip was cancelled). But that was the whole reason we applied for it, was to use it. If you search the forums here, there are lots of people who use it successfully. Some people bring a lot of evidence of their ongoing petition and marriage certificates, etc. I am sorry that you are still waiting. I really did not expect getting noticed for our interview. I expected the ATL office to take much longer, so maybe yours will be right around the corner?
  3. Hi all - we had our interview yesterday (11 months after filing for AoS) and we were approved. I think we were in there for less than ten minutes. Our interviewer wanted to know if we had met each others' parents, and she asked my husband to clarify his military service and weapons training, and if we had any evidence of ongoing relationship and that was it! She was very nice and professional. Right after we left, we got the notification that our card was being produced. Now I've got RoC on my mind...
  4. Yes, it is - that's the whole reason you have it! You might have to go through some secondary processing at the border, and I would bring some evidence that you have an ongoing AoS, but it should be fine.
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