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  1. Hi, in my case my service center is NVC. It took 5 weeks processing before it got approved after transferred to my local office. Actually, you will be approve same day of the month you got your NOA last year. And also you can get I-551 stamp just Incase you want to travel anytime soon for security. God bless!!!
  2. Congratulations!!! Ours as well, I came here together with my 3 children. We’re so blessed all of us approved and interview was waived since CR. The only thing bothered me is my oldest son 19yo his new gc is still on producing picture capturing incomplete as what the USCIS officer told me when we went for infopass😔 so that’s the only gc we’re waiting then I can apply N400. NVC service center. My NOA is April 5, 2017.
  3. Good Morning all! update for the I-751 case status as of Nov. 5, 2017 they’re catering applications from October 3, 2016 hopefully it will move fast forward before this year ends for April 2017 filers🙏 God bless us all!❤️ at VSC https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processingTimesDisplay.do;jsessionid=abchVf5m3VlipcMnzus_v
  4. My case is in VSC. Every case is different from each other. Our luck is really depend on the Case reviewer who work on our case. But base in the new regulations timeline 9-11mos. No one stopping us to try or send forms for update status or naturalization. No harm in doing that. But we can only apply N-400 after 3yrs of receiving 10yr gc. God bless! Marney😊 What are the requirements for U.S. Citizenship? The following are the essential requirements for applying for citizenship, a process called naturalization: You must hold a green card for five years and continuously reside in the U.S. (meaning that you live there without leaving for trips of six months or longer), You must be physically present inside the U.S. for at least 30 months before applying You must have lived in the state where you will submit the application for at least three months You need to be reasonably proficient in the English language You need to be familiar with American history, government and society You need to be able to make an Oath of allegiance (There are some exceptions for those whose religion does not allow oathes).
  5. Hello, I just called the USCIS hotline last Monday, Agent said as of September this month the USCIS reviewing the August 2016 filers 😱 every 15th of the month they update the timeline of filers date they reviewed on. And also last month I called them too, the Agent told me timeline window between 9-11 months to receive an update of the removal of condition status. God Bless to all of us April filers🙏 Marney😊
  6. Receipt number have 2 sets with a separation of dash. E.g. EACxxxxxxx-EACxxxxxxx the second set of receipt is the one that actually have the record of your status. When you call on USCIS hotline they ask for the second set in the receipt. So don't worry your good.👍 God bless! Marney&Brett
  7. Hello, don't worry about your expired gc cos systematically your gc is extended for one year and also you are lawfully permanent resident while you are married to an American citizen. Just bring your SSN, marriage certificate, and your birth certificate on the job interview.👍 Your good to go, just be confident and know your rights 👍😊 I know how you feel cos I am same boat with you too. Goodluck! Marney❤️