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  1. Can you escalate do a message for oath scheduling? Thinking if we get to 10/31 and its still not scheduled, we should ask someone!
  2. Perfect thanks! You get this certificate at the oath ceremony or have to wait for mailing? We're still waiting for our schedule since 8/31.
  3. Hello, Can I ask if you can apply for a passport the following day of your oath ceremony? My wife is doing a name change but were planning a trip to Mexico in January now. We're waiting on her oath ceremony so trying to see if we can actually make the trip in January.
  4. Late update!! Interview was scheduled and passed on 8/31. Waiting on oath to be scheduled now. Hopefully its soon!
  5. Yep, I had planned to go but if I am just going to sit in the car... I may just wait at home lol
  6. Yep, we saw this as well. In the letter it 100% says we're to take the 2020 test but when you goto the site, your able to take the 2008. Wife is just going to study both but will pick the 2008 test. The form does tell me who can come with me, it doesn't mention a spouse so I am curious if people are going with their spouse?
  7. Filed 12/10, just got our notice that the interview is scheduled for 8/31!!! They told us wife would be using the 2020 version of the civics test, so just hit it! Time to #Study Hopefully knock it out of the park, get an oath ceremony and go. Couple of questions - 1) Does the sponsor participate in the final interview/questions? 2) After the oath ceremony, how long until you can file for a passport? We have a tripped to Phils scheduled for December and now I am worried we wont get a new passport in time.
  8. Yes!! All these people updating and we're stuck at "Case is being reviewed by USCIS." since 12/10.
  9. We did adjustment on marriage from a tourist visa. Our total time was about 14 months, November 2020 to January 2022.
  10. Not sure if the N400 helped or not, filed N400 in late December and wife's 10 year green card came mid January! Showing 12 month ETA for N400 on the portal now. Thanks everyone for all the help walking through this process!!
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