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  1. Did you get a response. Our case remained in Ready status up to 4 months after interview. We contact Congressand they finally changed it to AP
  2. We were approved at the interview in Lagos on December 12, 2017. The next day my husband received a call from the consulate saying they forgot to ask for divorce verification. He went to the High Court the same day and sent in the receipt for divorce. Starting the first day of administrative processing. We received an email end of January asking for verification of business. We sent the same day. After that we received email stating they had everything they needed and if we didn't hear anything from them by March 30th then send email for update. We didn't so we sent email to get update. The update said they are consulting with Washington DC on the case and would update us after Washington respond. Has anyone ever been through the "consulting with Washington DC" phase of the immigration process? What is the consultation for? How long does it take? Thanks for any answers
  3. Did your case status change on the ceac website? Ours still say "Ready"
  4. Here are the questions from our interview. 1. How did you meet? FB 2.How you met on FB how you find her? She came up on my as someone I might know. (We had mutual friends I gave the answer to the two questions above so you all will know they will ask this if you met on FB) 3. Are either of you been divorced? 4. Do you have any kids 5. Do you have pictures 6. Asked about the people in the pictures 7 asked to see witnesses to marriage 8. Which picture is his favorite Then said you are approved!!!
  5. We had the interview today!!! Approved!!! Thank you Jesus!!! I will update VJ timeline later today.
  6. Sorry this happened. I know to get to this point and be anything but approved has to be frustrating. Were you denied or on review. Sound like you only have to find an additional sponsor or file taxes as soon as the tax season open. There is still hope. They just need additional information.
  7. Thank you! Amen!!! In Jesus Name. "For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst."
  8. Thank you. Wishing you all the best too!!! Thank you!!!
  9. Pray with us. Our interview is tomorrow. 🙏🏾
  10. I can answer one of your questions...The interview letter from the embassy gives you the name of the places you can go to get medical. You must go to one of the embassy approved facilities
  11. My husband had the same problem. He kept changing the captcha until he found one that he could easily enter. He said you couldn't tell when there was a capital letter on some of them so he kept changing it until they gave letters that you can tell which letter they wanted.