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  1. We are in the same situation. My fiance had his K1 Visa interview in September of last year and we have been on AP every since. We and my Senator rep have been given the same information as you "waiting on Washington" since starting to follow up. I am not sure if they are doing another background check or what. I will follow the post to see if anyone else has any insight! Thanks for your post @bukaldrinio
  2. Hello! You share a very similar situation to mine Don't be nervous and trust in yourself. Once you get to Nigeria and see him you will know. I met my fiance in January 2016 and went to see him this Feb for 2 weeks. It was an awesome experience and his family, friends and the locals were SUPER nice. Don't let the "stereotypes" get you down, you know him and he knows you! Also, as long as you can prove your relationship is real through pictures and conversations (and other documents you send), you will be fine! I hope you have so much fun and really enjoy yourself. Feel free to send messages if you need any assistance!!
  3. Congrats on your NOA2!!!

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      thank you :) 

  4. @Wilma77 I wish you the best! The wait is long but a lifetime is longer <3 <3 <3
  5. Hello! Just found this group, yay! I am happy to find others in my filing month, we can wait together We received our NOA1 March 6th and are patiently waiting for our NOA2. Good luck to everyone #101 days