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  1. Unfortunately, most providers should always test female patients for a possible pregnancy. Every time before I go into a procedure with a female patient, I am require to test just in case and 99% of the time they always insist they aren't and 9/10 they usually are right. However, it is always best to be safe than sorry. I did have one patient who swore up and down there was no way she couldn't be pregnant and it turned out she was 4 weeks pregnant and had no idea. These things are put in place to protect the patient and the medical staff (aka prevent a law suit if something were to arise)
  2. Yes, they both will have to fill out the I-864. The son will always be the PRIMARY sponsor since he is the petitioner.
  3. This is exactly what happened to us! Then my dad got wind up by my mother and snapped. Honestly, I think it's just a Vietnamese thing. Once you get your own place, it'll be much better.
  4. I am Vietnamese American. Born and raised here. My husband is British. We lived with my parents for the first year he moved here--we've only just recently moved as of last week actually because of my overbearing parents! It was hard. Although my parents are caring and can be sweet, they can be really difficult because of their way of life. Like your mom (my mom was born and raised in the south, Saigon), my mom was very specific with a certain way and frugal. When we moved out, I got shouted about how much we were spending on our own apartment with our own money. Every time we bought groceries, when we lived there--we were scolded about how much we were spending and wasting. My advice? Move out. It is a struggle financially but you don't have to put up with the strain anymore. It got toxic in the house. The last week we were there, my parents blew up at us because my parents didn't like that we cooked in the house (it made it stink) and my dad threatened to throw us out. Never did he dream that we'd actually move out. Since we've moved out, it's been a blessing.
  5. Ah okay! Well congratulations on your engagement. You're getting a bit ahead of yourself! I know you want to be prepared however it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too soon to gather the I-134. They will need a more updated version by the time your interview rolls around. Once your petition reaches NVC (4-6 months from now), that is when you can start gathering documents for the I-134. For now, I wouldn't do anything but sit back and relax. As for your co-sponsor questions, they will need proof as well--bank assets, previous taxes, etc.
  6. First off, where are you in the I-129F process? Please fill out your timeline so people can assist you further. Second, you do not submit the I-134 anywhere. Your fiance(e) physically brings it with them to the interview with supporting documents with paystubs, letter of employment, W2, etc.
  7. Nope, I remember we just kept checking the CEAC and it just changed to 'Issue' one day. Just check it everyday!
  8. Yes, our interview was last year! We're past the AOS point now but we were only delayed by a week. We also ran into Memorial Day weekend.
  9. Our medical didn't arrival for the interview either. They will get to it eventually!
  10. Not true. I use to work in an OBGYN. We accepted many forms of ID including foreign passports/foreign Driver License. Try to go to a different provider or ask to see a different front desk person.
  11. She is right. Your husband needs to talk to USCIS. You can be there while he speaks to them but technically, it is his case now since he is the one adjusting status. They won't give you any detail without him authorizing for you to speak on his behalf. The same happened for us.
  12. Unless you/your spouse has ever been in trouble with the law, I'd go with no lawyer. All the answers you need is in this forum. Lawyers tend to make a lot of mistakes as well.
  13. My husband and I had the same RFIE about our joint sponsor even though he was well qualified (he made over triple the amount needed). We called USCIS requesting a Tier 2 and we were informed they made a mistake. We resent everything with a cover letter outlinging EVERYTHING. We even sent the Poverty guideline page with the highlighted part of how we met the required income. We attached W2, pay stubs, previous tax returns, and a letter explaining HOW/WHY we met the poverty guideline, what was discussed with the Tier 2 officer (along with a name), and a broken down explanation of our joint sponsor's income. I know VJ Members will tell you to get a new joint sponsor because they did to me also but USCIS accepted our response and we got our green card two weeks ago with no issue.
  14. Nigeria is a high fraud country and it is very difficult to get a K1 visa through them. I reccomend getting at least 2-3 more visits in.
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