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  1. Nigeria is a high fraud country and it is very difficult to get a K1 visa through them. I reccomend getting at least 2-3 more visits in.
  2. britishandusa

    Withdraw and refile new

    Legal Permanent Resident. That means you are still legally bind to them. Doesn't matter who they are married to or what they are trying to do or not do. You are still bound by the i-864 until they either become US citizens or have over 40 work credits. That means for this next fiancee of yours, you must overcome the poverty line of 5 people (unless you have children or other people to support which adds it up). An attorney cannot help you override the I-864.
  3. britishandusa

    Withdraw and refile new

    Going back to your original questions, you need to find out what happened to your last petition. You cannot go forward without knowing the full story. Without a doubt, your new "fiancee" will be questioned about your previous relationships including this last ex. You need to know exactly if your ex did ever get to the interview and if you do need to send a withdrawal request. From your last few K1(s), did any of them make it to America? Are any of them LPRs? Are of them USCs? If any of them ARE LPRs, you are still responsible financially for them regardless of how long it has been. Expect extra scrutiny on this next one. It won't be easy.
  4. britishandusa

    Withdraw and refile new

    From what you're telling us, this would be your 4th K1 visa even though 2 months ago, you had another K1 visa at NVC. Personally, I'd take it very slow with this next relationship. Get to know this person before you start the immigration process. It is fishy to USCIS that you're constantly filing K1 visas.
  5. Nope. They didn't look at a single document we brought. They only asked questions from the I-485 packet and that was it. Then we had a pleasant chat about tea vs coffee.
  6. Sometimes the online doesn't update at all. My husband got his green card last week and the website hasn't updated since our RFIE last year.
  7. britishandusa

    how to delay process

    If you do not reply to the RFE with the requested evidence, your petition will be denied and you will be forced to start over. You can continue the process up to the interview. With the K1 visa, you have up to 6 months to enter the country once the visa is approved and in hand.
  8. Just received out green card as of yesterday! Orlando interview was super easy! They didn't evek ask for any documents!
  9. britishandusa

    how to delay process

    Where are you in the K1 visa process? Please fill out your timeline for us to better assist you.
  10. That might be the issue since you've only been employed for 3 months and you didn't file taxes for the previous years. I recommend getting a sponsor.
  11. Hi OP, My husband I received the same RFIE as you last year. Looking at your post, it seems as though you didn't meet the requirements? Does your job [now] make the requirement? If not, it is best that you get a co-sponsor to help you out get exactly what it states in the letter. I would get the last 2-3 years tax returns, last 3 months pay stubs, a letter from employer(s), etc. This will put a hold on your EAD/AP until you get this sorted out.
  12. Just received our GC today! Whoo!
  13. Hi Orlando filer here. I filed in April 6th 2017. I just had my interview YESTERDAY. The Orlando office is VERY slow. You are in normal processing time. You might get an interview within the next few weeks or a few months. Currently, it is taking 14 - 21.5 months for an interview!
  14. britishandusa

    Orlando Review

    We've officially been approved! Our case just updated! Our new card is bring produced!!!