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    We met 2009 in a 3D chat world called Second Life and fell in love pretty quickly. Jason came to Florida November, 27th and we had our very first kiss in front of Magic Kingdom Castle and it was a magical moment. We have been travling back and forth over the pond almost every year as I live in Norway and was only in Florida on extended vacation. We have finally gotten an affidavit of support to help us in the marriage process. We are looking forward to finally be a married couple in the USA ♥

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  1. I am beyond sad and full of questions that doesn’t come out. We have a sponsor and paper saying I will get my disability check indefinitely in USA, and if I have any medical expenses I will get paid partly back from Norwegian government. Yes, I am 100 % disabled here in Norway and I am on no medication other than alergi and over the counter pain pills.... similar to Advil. I will get all from my Norwegian government and having a sponsor, so how the hell am I going to be a public charge for the American government?! We we are going to talk to a lawyer on Thursday over Skype and on top of it all the USCIS approval we have will end at 22 nd April. We don’t even know if that time frame will be extended or ... I am just baffled and upset, we are not giving up, but this is a stupid reason for denial. It’s like they have been trying to find any way to deny us all the way. We have 7 affidavit, 44 page of chats and pictures, official gov letter stating I will get my money indefinitely - though here I am wondering since it wasn’t stamped and signed can be the reason they didn’t believe the authenticity of it - sponsor I-134 papers which works for the American postal services - here I am wondering if they even looked at that application and only saw Jason’s I-134 papers which we know wouldn’t be enough and reason we needed a sponsor. He is also disabled and gets disability from US government. It’ Like disabled people aren’t good enough people to find love... not like we been together for over 8 years or anything..... sighs.
  2. Yeah, when I saw that this morning I kept on checking it throughout the day, still in Administrative Process and that is when I started looking at the big interweb and got more and more scurd... dang interweb!!!
  3. Thank you so much, like my brain is saying this is going to go alright, everything will be fine and then it is that evil doubt sitting on the shoulder chatting away. No criminal records, no denied entry, nothing that exciting in my life.. I am boring af so is fiance lololol. The only thing is that I got super nervous and it was hard to answer the officer as he kept on interrupting me when I tried to answer him, he was very condescending and rude to be honest. It was not a pleasant 10 minutes deal thing. I will try to keep my chin up and pray over and over and not to listen to the worry worth heart and head.
  4. Oh, I need to check that out for sure Alright so if I give them by Tuesday next week or maybe I will get an answer tomorrow, I might be getting some movement on my case. Yes, 221g is the one you get if the medical hasn't arrived amongst other things. I had my medical 1 week before the interview also, they said they got the medical paper on 14th... allegedly... was looked at today 15th as the status date changed. They have my passport and everything... The dude that was interviewing me was being very condescending towards me. Interrupted when I tried to answer his question by raising his voice and ask the question again, he did that on a couple of occasions. I felt so stupid and my anxiety didn't get any less with that. To top it all off, my mascara had left a huge black spot under my eye *didn't see this before after it all and I went to the bathroom* it was snowing like crazy the day I was there, yeah so much for leaving a good first impression eh? I am just nervous about all of this Administrative process deal... blegh
  5. Hi, I see you guys got the medical papers after you have had been at the interview, did you guys get a 221g at the Swedish embassy since it hadn't arrived yet or did you guys get approved on the spot waiting on the medical.. tell how it all went by. Please.. I personally had a horrible experience with the Swedish Embassy.
  6. yeah, I have given them 44 pages of pictures and text logs, 7 affidavits (Mom, dad, son, mother in law, a family friend of Jason and the co-sponsor) correct i-134 form from the co-sponsor and my letter from the government stating I do get my disability indefinitely. I have read up that it can take up to 60 days..I sent all of it on March 9th.
  7. I just read up on Administrative Processing and section 221g meanings and is devastated that we might wait for months and in some cases it is years... God.. please.. I just want to cry, this is like a blow to the gut, over 8 years we have been together and this...
  8. OMG!! I am on pins and needles, yesterday I wrote an email on 14th and like hey I know my medical was sent from Norway on March 1st and we sent all the additional info we needed by email March 9th... they don't need like 14 days on mail from Norway to Sweden, that takes about 4 days MAX! Got informed that the medical had just arrived... right... and that an officer is looking into our case. Needless to say, I kept on checking CEAC page throughout the day and well nothing still Administrative Processing. Sits down with my cup of coffee and a yogurt and log into CEAC to check and behold the last case update has changed to 15th!!! IS THIS THE DAY ?! *bites nails and sits on the edge of her chair* This day is going to be loooong.
  9. please please let me know how that POE went, it is the same place I am going to in few months
  10. Oh boy oh boy!! your days are so going to change for sure!!! It will be a honeymoon state for all of you and then reality hits in. Just make sure you all have your own little spot in the house where you can have some peace and calm, even if it is just a chair in the kitchen ... or in your case garage I am total with you on the being scared shitless... believe me we all are, on both sides in this process. Though in the end, we are finally there, within reach of our dreams and all the snuggles *it is the part I miss the most with my fiance Jason* in the world, to turn around and reach out to touch him..yeah HEAVEN!
  11. Tell me about it, we are currently waiting on the embassy to look through all the additional papers we needed since we been together for over 8 years we had to get family and friends to write an affidavit that we INDEED are still together and engaged and few other little things. We knew we weren't going to get approval when I was there as the medical wasn't sent yet from Norway, though it was sent the same day we had our interview March 1st. I sent an email today asking if they have gotten the medical yet and was informed that they got it today and that they have an officer looking at our case, so you can say I am sitting on pins and needles waiting on that dang status changing from Administrative Process to Issued. I want to order my flight ticket on 7th of June dang it!. I am so so happy for you and Rose, and I totally understand your joy and at the same time HOLY !! scared shitless for it all of the new things the worries, the ... yeah totally get you hehe. It will go faster from now but you know all of this. It is time to pop the beer and run around the apartment going woohooohooo!! ... might have done that myself That was one out of 3 crucial approval of this process, just the embassy and POE left but you GOT THIS!!!
  13. Hi guys! I am seeing so many of us are slowly creeping in on interviews date POE, I am so happy for you guys and congratulation. For those that are still waiting, I will say ... Love is great, love is torn, love is longing, love is pure you two will endure. Trust the process and trust in God, fate or whatever religion you follow. Things are happening exactly how it is meant to be. I know your heart aches and I know the joy when you see your first Approval out of 3, it will be okay. I wanted to say a few words about the process from when the approved letters arrives at NVC - right now I am speaking for the country Norway and it may apply differently to other countries. We got our I-129F NOA2 on 2017-12-23 and it was sent off to NVC on the 26th December 2017 and NVC Received it on 2018-01-24 and NVC Case # Assigned on 2018-01-25 now that process was quite easily the next step can easily be confusing and there is really not that much information on how to proceed after you get the case # and invoice # I used hours to try to figure out what was the next step after you plotted your number in in this section https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?eQs=o/iS8zDpeAKjMWCuebHqOw== Well so far everything was pretty clear, then I was now what? This is the part where things got pretty confusing from NVC side cause for us K1 visa applicants, they referred us to fill out DS-260 which brought you to a webpage telling you to first choose an agent and so forth, but for us, that is NOT the case. Run away from that page cause the form we are to fill out is DS-160. You ask your self at this point, well where am I suppose to fill out this form. Fret not, here is the link you should follow https://evisaforms.state.gov/Instructions/SchedulingSystem.asp First, you select your embassy and where it is located, for me it was Stockholm, click submit. it will bring you to this web page, ignore step 2 - 7 cause you are not doing it there (well at least not for me) beside you can not schedule an appointment before you have paid the fee. I found this page that helped me a lot in understanding what to expect and what is next. https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/iv-dv-supplemental/STK-Stockholm.pdf the last part /STK-Stockholm you can change to fit your embassy, the STK are the first 3 letters in your NVC # and then your embassy location You are brought to a next page https://ceac.state.gov/GenNIV/Default.aspx where you embassy and then the code shown and select start an application. You now see the form DS-160 to fill out and it is quite a few pages to go through, they want your last 5-year work history, where you lived previously, mother and father, who paying the flight and a lot of the normal yes and no questions. You don't have to fill it all at once if you are missing some information or have to step away, they have an option of you saving the process. Remember to scan up the picture that you have taken specifically for this process, cause they will ask for that. Now you when you are done filling out these papers you will get a confirmation number, make SURE you click the e-mail the confirmation and print to pdf. This number is really important when you come to the next steps where you have to pay the fee and schedule an appointment. At this point you just have to wait and check the status, you want ready. I finished the DS-160 on 2018-01-27 and kept on checking the status at https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?eQs=o/iS8zDpeAKjMWCuebHqOw== and the NVC was In Transition on 2018-01-31 and we got the E-mail of our package3/embassy info on 2018-02-05. In the E-mail there was quite few information, now mind this information is for Sweden Embassy through the checklist is pretty much the same all over - I would get a hold of my police report and schedule the medical the second you get your NVC # due to their limit appointment time and for some of you need to travel to a different place to get to the embassy and/or do the medical. It takes about a week for the blood test to come back and the medical cannot finish the report before those are in hand. I had already figured out what QUALIFIED and embassy APPROVED doctor - this one is really important, do not fib on that. Anyway, this is what was in the email from the Swedish Embassy. Now you could before you go down the checklist, make an account at http://www.ustraveldocs.com/se/index.html?firstTime=No this page is also country specific so you have to change the initial to your country for example if you are in the UK you change these part to the UK - like this ... from s.com/se/inde to s.com/uk/inde - this is just part of the whole link above. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* CHECKLIST ( ) FEE: There is a $265 fee for each visa application. The fee will be paid through http://www.ustraveldocs.com/se ( ) COMPLETED DS-160 ONLINE APPLICATION FORM. All fiancé(e) visa applicants and their children must complete one DS-160 each in order to apply for a K1/K2 visa and seek an appointment. The form can be accessed at: https://ceac.state.gov/ceac/ You must: 1) complete the online visa application and 2) print the application form confirmation page to bring to your interview. All questions on the forms must be answered. IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT THE DS-160: Please note that all applicants (including residents of Denmark and Norway) must select Stockholm, Sweden as the location where the visa will be sought. Failure to list Stockholm will delay your application and you will need to be re-scheduled for a new interview. ( ) PASSPORT: A passport must be valid for travel to the United States and must have at least six months validity beyond the issuance date of the visa. ( ) BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Your original birth certificate from Norway plus one original or certified copy of the birth certificate of each unmarried child under the age of 21, named in the application is required, even if they are not applying for a visa at this time. The certificate must state the date and place of birth of both parents and must be from the country where you were born. ( ) POLICE CERTIFICATES: Each applicant aged 16 years or over, is required to submit a police certificate from the appropriate judicial or police authorities from the country of the applicant’s nationality or current residence where the applicant has resided for at least six months since attaining the age of sixteen, as well as from all other countries where the applicant has resided for at least one year, or more since attaining the age of sixteen. For countries not maintaining national police records, a certificate must be obtained from each locality. A police certificate must also be obtained from the police authorities of any place where the applicant has been arrested for any reason, regardless of the length of residence. For information on how to obtain a police certificate from a specific country, please visit: https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/fees/reciprocity-by-country.html ( ) COURT AND PRISON RECORDS: Persons convicted of a crime must obtain a certified copy of each court record and any prison record, regardless that they may have benefited from an amnesty pardon. ( ) PHOTOGRAPHS: Two (2) identical color photographs taken within the last six months are required. The photographs must be full face photo, taken within the past six months. Eye glasses are not allowed in visa photos. The photographs should measure 2 inches square (roughly 50 mm square) with the head centered in the frame. Please see requirements for photos: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/photos/photo-examples.html ( ) MARRIAGE TERMINATION/DIVORCE DECREE(S): court certified copy of Norwegian divorce decree and original authorized translation of the document. ( ) EVIDENCE OF SUPPORT: Evidence, which will show that you and your children, if any, are not to become public charges in the United States. If you have no assets, you may find a financial sponsor in the U.S. who completes form I-134, Affidavit of Support on your behalf. Please bring the original signed I-134 for your interview. The sponsor should also provide a copy of the most recent U.S. Federal income tax return (1040) and proof of current U.S. income or assets. Form I-134 can be obtained from Citizenship and Immigration Services’ webpage www.uscis.gov ( ) MEDICAL EXAMINATION: Arrange for a medical examination with one of the Embassy approved panel physicians listed on: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/list-of-posts.html You are responsible for the cost of the examination. A medical examination is also required for each child who will accompany you. This medical examination will also be accepted by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service for adjustment of status to the lawful permanent residence. ( ) EVIDENCE OF RELATIONSHIP: You will be required to submit evidence that you have previously met your fiancé(e), and proof of a valid fiancé(e) relationship with your petitioner. It is, therefore, useful to bring with you letters, written correspondence, phone records, photographs, or other evidence of your engagement and proof of on-going contact. Please note that you will not be allowed to bring your phone, tablet or computer to your interview. If you communicate through Skype/Viber/WhatsApp etc – you may want to present screenshots of some of the communication. We also kindly ask all our applicants to read following pamphlet: http://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/USCIS/Humanitarian/Battered%20Spouse,%20Children%20%26%20Parents/IMBRA%20Pamphlet%20Final%2001-07-2011%20for%20Web%20Posting.pdf ( ) TRANSLATIONS: All documents not in English must be accompanied by a certified English translation. IMPORTANT: HOW TO GET YOUR VISA/DOCUMENTS MAILED: ( ) REGISTRATION OF ADDRESS. For residents of Sweden: Fiancé (e) visa applicants residing in Sweden will have to register their Swedish address and choose their visa pick-up location when they book the appointment online. Please bring proof of your registration (your UID confirmation number) at the time of interview. Please note that you must bring one certified interpreter if you do not speak English well enough to participate unassisted in the visa interview. Please note that the petitioner is restricted from serving as an interpreter. IMPORTANT: Once you have completed the DS-160 application form and have all documents in order, please register and create an account at http://www.ustraveldocs.com/se in order to schedule your appointment and pay your visa application fee Note: All the collected documents are to be presented at the final interview. Do not send any collected documents to this office unless specifically requested to do so ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* At this point, we had already filled out the DS-160 and have a confirmation # from it, which you have now been a good girl/boy and printed it all out laying neatly next to you. When you click the http://www.ustraveldocs.com/se it will ask you if this is your first time on this page and if it is - to make an account you say yes - it will bring you to Which you will click the IMMIGRANT button now it will open up an itty bit section under it and provide a link to this page http://www.ustraveldocs.com/se/se-iv-visaapplyinfo.asp on top of that page it is a button saying log in, click that and select new user? down at the bottom right. You fill in the required boxes and voila you made an account! Now it is again... yeah again.. lol... you have to fill out information about you, luckily it is very short and it is for them to know where to send your passport to - cause we all will get approved right ;). Now while you are filling out all of this info you need to make sure you already have 265 $, which I did at 2018-02-05. As you can NOT - again in my case - schedule an appointment before it is paid. Follow it's directions when you are logged in, at times it can be hard to find where to pay, sadly I don't remember exactly the steps there. Use the menu on top left side to find payment, when payment has been filed you will get an email confirmation #, which will say Receipt number (blah blah I blanked out this as it was MY number hehe) has been activated and you can now schedule an appointment at http://www.ustraveldocs.com/se I waited a couple of days so I could get an appointment at 2018-03-01 since I have scheduled my medical on 21st February, so I received my embassy appointment confirmation at 2018-02-07, I am using this time to go through my paper works and triple checks everything, lining it up in folders and nods and pats myself on the back of being organized... sorta. Now, Jason and I are for the sake of my family vacation time here in Norway we are not going to have our POE before on 2018-06-07, which will be Orland Airport and our wedding date has been set to 2018-08-08 - at this point in the whole process I am excited and super scared, I am moving 4000 miles away from family and friends. To a place, I love and have an additional set of friends and family. After over 8 years (official a couple 2009-10-05) of being together and engaged little less than that, all while we have nurtured the long distance relationship we are finally going to start our life together, as husband and wife. I am so thankful for www.secondlife.com where we actually met and to this day are married and running online businesses together. We can dance, hang out, go on dates, snuggle, chat with other people, living the dream. SL has made it possible for us to do things that are impossible 4000 miles apart. Numerous Skype and Facetime calls, billions of messages flying between us, sharing our everyday life. I don't know where we would have been if we didn't have all those tools to help us continue to grow and nurture our love. I hope this little - coughs... sorry - info will help any of you guys in the ongoing process we are all in together. Hang in there it is worth it, don't give up hope or argue with your fiance, this is all worth it in the end.