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  1. Soo happy and finally able to breathe again after waiting for 2 months I finally got the notice oath was mailed. Thank you guys sooooo much for all your encouragement and positive words that kept me strong through this wait! 🙏🙏 Although the interview was a very tough one everything still went through

    I just got an email that oath ceremony has Been scheduled soo 😊 excited 😆 finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you 🙏guys soo much for all the encouragement that was given to me during this time Take A Bow Thank You GIF by Iliza

  3. Thank you 🙏 soo much for soo much encouragement it really helps a lot! Thank you 🙏 a lot
  4. Thank you very much did your advice I appreciate
  5. Awww thank you 🙏 soo much for your empathy and support will surely update if anything comes up yeah I hope all goes well just really nervous and had to go about my daily life but I pray everything becomes fine :(😥
  6. But why such an answer that even make me more afraid what you are just saying!
  7. Wow thank you for your response that’s a lot cos it’s like you can’t even move on with your life and have to keep bring things from 10 years ago that’s already over he even asked me what attracted me to him the first day I met him! Like what? It’s been 10 years!! How in the world I’m I supposed to remember that ugh!
  8. I only brought my divorce decree, marriage certificate and taxes but he didn’t even ask for the taxes . Just the divorce decree then he just went on even asking me why was I attracted to my ex when I first met him🙄
  9. Thank you 🙏 I will try my best! how long does it normally take to hear a response from them?
  10. Oh wow so where do I go from here I’m soo worried
  11. I’m soo stressed and depressed right now I went for my interview for my N400 I’m already a 10 year green card holder I have no criminal records or any thing I’m divorced to my spouse and had all the necessary documents I passed all the texts and then he started grilling me about my ex and why he will help me if he was abusive cos he was that’s what led us to break up the officer wouldn’t understand why when I came to the country I was a house wife and depended on my ex for 4 years he then said my case is too big but made me sign my name change I needed and all the other forms I had to sign then told me he can’t make a decision and gave me decision cannot be made at this point I don’t know what to do I’m soo worried 😟 and also I forgot certain dates from the past he was asking me
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