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  1. Hi guys. I just had my interview. It was scheduled for 8:45 and we got there at 8:15. Pittsburgh office they called our name at 8:40 and we stayed in the room til 9. Very very nice lady, she asked a few questions from the form to me and then some to my husband, the yes or no questions. then she asked about our story but it was more like a chat. She asked how we met, when we decided to get married, how is my relationship with their kids, said that she loves our wedding bands. I gave her his most recent taxes, bank statements, helth insurance card copies and some pics, she didnt keep the pics tho. she said it was all good and she would have to review it, she told us if everything was ok it would be approved this afternoon and I would get the card in a few weeks. We left an hour ago and the app already updated for "new card is being produced" very good experience at pittsburgh office,they are nice and fast. ps: good luck to all the march filers still waiting!
  2. Interview on Monday at 9am. Im freaking outtttt!! 😧 hate being so anxious
  3. Thank you! I feel likethey send a standard letter to everybody. They asked for medical exams, which already submitted (k1), affidavit of support (if not submitted yet) and I already sent. And all the normal documents like birth certificate, passport, divorce decree, proof of relationship, etc. nothing crazy. Im just gonna take the whole application that I first mailed and new proof of relationship
  4. Interview scheduled! It's gonna be on September 10th!
  5. Shooting resumes everywhere lol, as I assume it won't be easy to find a job in my field at first
  6. EAD in the mailbox today!! Super happy, finally.
  7. Thanks! Yeah I completely understand how you feel, I was getting depressed too. Staying home and not doing anything during all this time has been rough!
  8. My ead got approved today, after 152 days.. so all I can say is that it is definitely taking forever. I don't think there's anything wrong with your process, they are probably just crazy busy
  9. Ead status changed just now to card is being produced, after 152 of papers delivered!!!! Now I don't even care how long my interview takes to be scheduled
  10. Hopefully it will happen soon!
  11. Pittsburgh office does not have a lot of applicants and yet.. here I am lol
  12. Ive seen cases around here and friends from facebook that it took 9 months-1 year to get it scheduled. But I've also seen cases that were faster.. anyway, better than no change on our status I guess lol after mailman comes I run to the mailbox everyday and always get disappointed lol
  13. Day 147, status changed today "ready to schedule interview"... no combo no nothing, and I know that after this status it can take up to a year to get it scheduled so.....
  14. Need to vent. I just feel so depressed. I know this process can take more than a year but ughhh. we filed feb 21st, biometrics march 26th and nooooothingggg since then. So frustrating. I really want at least my EAD but it looks like its never gonna be here. 124 days since noa1!
  15. Bummer. He shouldn't have any problems coming by himself tho! Let us know once you have it issued!! As I said, after that its pretty fast. If I remember correctly, my case went from ready to app received and then ap, so you skipped that one. I'd say it should be issued before wed next week