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    My husband and I met in college in the year 2010. We were married in 2014 and began our immigration process in March 2019. He is Brazilian and American by his father. He is currently in Florida and I am in Brazil. We will begin our process now and it will be a long journey until I can meet him. I count on the help of this space with so many people in the same situation as me to achieve our goal. Good luck to everyone.

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  1. DS 260 and Documents submitted for analysis today. Wait and wait a little longer now
  2. I'm going crazy! I sleep thinking about it and wake up thinking about it, I can't wait to send these documents right away and act if necessary. I'm studying a lot because I'm doing everything on my own. It's not easy, but we'll make it!!! Good Luck
  3. I have already read this information on the Rio consulate website: IMPORTANTE! Procedimento obrigatório antes da entrevista: Todos os solicitantes de visto de imigrante terão que se registrar no link: https://ais.usvisa-info.com/. Este registro é obrigatório para que sua entrevista no consulado seja confirmada, tanto para os que já tem uma entrevista agendada para o consulado quanto para os que ainda precisam agendar; Após o registro devidamente concluído, os solicitantes de visto terão que selecionar a opção de entrega do visto (busca no CASV- Centro de Atendimento ao Solicitante de Visto ou por correio); Agendar o comparecimento ao CASV, para fazer a coleta das digitais e a captura da foto, antes da data da entrevista. A captura da foto no CASV é independente da foto requerida para o processo. Portanto, não esqueça de trazer a foto no dia da sua entrevista no consulado. Agende a entrevista para o consulado atraves do mesmo site. Se, no entanto, ja possuir uma entrevista agendada, desconsidere esse passo. Imprimir a página de confirmação para apresentá-la no CASV. Este serviço é oferecido por todas as filiais do CASV no país. Todos os dependentes qualificados no seu processo, que pretendem imigrar para os Estados Unidos em sua companhia, também deverão agendar tanto o comparecimento ao CASV quanto a entrevista no consulado. Qualquer questão sobre agendamento, reagendamento ou cancelamento de entrevista deve ser encaminhada para a CSRA, companhia que nos presta esse serviço. https://br.usembassy.gov/pt/visas-pt/imigracao-familiar/saiba-antes-da-entrevista/ So I believe we get the letter and then confirm it on this site. Please if you have more information, let me know.
  4. Hello!!! I saw a person at VJ who will do the interview in Brazil saying he received a letter from the NVC with the appointment. And I contacted the doctor's office to ask questions and was also informed that I should send a copy of the letter from the NVC with the appointment of the interview to the doctor. So I believe that in Brazil the scheduling is through letter.
  5. Yesss!!! Our timeline is very similar, I like to follow your posts. Please continue rsrsr
  6. Good morning! The payment of the fees (AOS and IV) has been withdrawn from our account today! Baby steps that make us so happy
  7. I had imagined it, but since I'm doing it all on my own, I get insecure sometimes. Thank you so much
  8. I'm not having access to an agent's choice, has anyone gone through it?
  9. I-130 Approval: 2019/09/27 I-129F Denial: 2019/09/27 Case sent to NVC: 2019/10/09 Case recive NVC: 2019/10/18 Case Number recive NVC: 2019/11/09 Tksssss 🤗
  10. Uhulllllll! I got our case number from the NVC tonight at 3:22. I just checked my emails and was there 😁
  11. It's true, I hadn't paid attention to it, but even if it's next week, it's still a good time.
  12. Oh my! I've been following your posts because my case was received at the NVC just one day after yours. I hope I get it soon too. Congratulations!!!!!!! 🎉
  13. They recive my case 01 day after yours. I'm waiting for the ID 😊😁
  14. https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/PDF-other/Uploading to CEAC-instrucions.pdf
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