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  1. Mine changed from April 2021 to May 2021 as well. Dc area!
  2. My case status has one added line to it. ”It is being processed at our E-Filed Case Processing Section location.” Has this happened to everybody who filed online or am I reading too much?!?😊
  3. I filled recently. On 4th May 2020. Nothing after NOA. On the Website in my application details it says we are taking longer.
  4. First 3 letters of your case number please? Like LIN, SRC, MSC etc.
  5. My NOA1 clearly mentions fingerprints in the next steps. Seems they are sending different Noa for different cases.
  6. I see the documents listed in the snap shot. Also, i see some additional questions which never showed up when I filled the form. Like question 13 in part 12. I guess because it doesn’t apply to me (most of us). I also noticed that in Employment/School part, after 3 entries, rest shows in the last page of the application (like extra page).
  7. For part 9, I mentioned my travel details outside US for last 3 years ( from the time i got GC). so, for part 10, in the online form, it just asked was I married before and same for spouse. I enter ‘no’ in both. After your question i went to view my submitted application. There it shows ‘1’ which I never mentioned. So i think if it’s you only marriage, the number should be 1.
  8. My Estimate case complete says April 2021. (11 Months 😢)
  9. Check the document section within your case. It should be there in the document.
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