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  1. Hi All. I am glad to hear that a lot of N400s are moving forward. Trust that USCIS is working on them (even if they are not going as fast as we would like to). I have to comment that I am finally a proud citizen of the United States of America!!! and my passport is on its way. So my journey ends here. I wish good luck to everyone that is still waiting, continue to be patient, the time will come. This is an awesome supporting group. Thanks! Don't hesitate to reach if you have any quesions. Salud!
  2. Congratulations! That was fast! The green card right after the approval letter. Nice! So, I also wanted to give a proper update on my end. I had a N-400 and i751 combo interview a week ago. Both of my cases were approved and my status changed to "placed in line for my oath ceremony". So I am really happy that I am almost done and hopefully I will become a citizen before xmas. Thank you all for your support and sharing your experiences all this time!
  3. Congratulations! Almost a US citizen! Awesome! So how was you i751 part? Did they tell you that it was going to be a combo interview? What state are you from? My interview is in less than a couple weeks but I have no idea if it will be a combo interview or not. I haven't heard anything from them after my N400 interview letter. It will be at Milwaukee field office.
  4. Congrats! I have heard several cases from Chicago that were combo interviews! Good luck!
  5. Hi. Milwaukee service center. How about you?
  6. I wouldn't go by the estimated months they give you. When applied for N-400 in early May 2018, I had 19 months processing time. A couple of weeks ago I received my interview letter for mid November (in 3 weeks). So in reality it was less than 6 months. I know it depends on each state but that seems to be the norm. They are extremely conservative when they give you the estimated waiting time.
  7. Hi. I applied on May 2018. My interview is in Milwaukee. How about you?
  8. I received the same mail yesterday. It was another 18 month letter telling me that the previous one was an error. I have my N400 interview in November, I am not sure if that is triggering something.
  9. Thank you! I am glad you are done with your i751! I am having a N400 interview coming up in November but have not heard from CSC except for the extension letters (I got 2, one they said it was an error). So I was wondering if old cases are still moving...and seems like they are except for those that filled for their N400.
  10. Hi All. Any CSC filer still waiting for their approval letter? Last week I received my N-400 interview schedule for November but my i751 is still pending. Today I received another letter from USCIS California saying that my prior 18 months extension letter had an error, so they sent me a new 18 months letter. Has any one else received a letter like that before? weird. Hopefully my N400 interview will be a combo interview.
  11. Congratulations! Are you a CSC filer? Did you also fill for N400?
  12. Is anybody applying from WI? I have a N400 interview coming up but i751 is still pending. I have not heard any combo interview experience at Milwaukee field.
  13. Congrats! Tough long journey. I am glad you are done with this process ;).
  14. Nice! Awesome news! Almost there. Thank you for sharing your case.
  15. What do you think is happening to our cases? Are they doing it on purpose to those who applied for citizenship so we just keep waiting? My local office told me that they won't do a combined interview... unless, now they have a different directive and they all have to do it. I called a tier 2 a couple of weeks ago and he told me that the normal processing time now is up to 22 months. Did you at least get your extension letter for 18 months extension? I got it in the mail like a month ago.