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  1. Radioactive

    Recent J1 waiver timeline 2017

    oh, thank you. it is just a lil bit confusing cos the 212e rule was on 2 different visas at two different times
  2. Radioactive

    Recent J1 waiver timeline 2017

    That is why i am confused. I applied for the waiver. i followed all the instructions, i sent both Ds3035 and 2019 the fees the statement and my embassy sent the No objection. Now they said i am not subject?. so During the interview stage of the AOS, i can just tell the interviewer DOS said i am not subjected with the letter? Btw, thank you for your input. duly appreciated
  3. Radioactive

    Recent J1 waiver timeline 2017

    hey guys, so i apply for Waiver of my 212e. My status changed to "not Subject". i am really confused as it was written on my passport and my DS2019 on two different J1 visas that i am "subjected to section 212E and 2 years rule does apply" I don't know what to do as i plan filing for adjustment of status soon. What should i do?. or maybe a better question is what does "Not subject" means in relation to AOS and how does it impact the AOS application process?