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  1. SJ1024

    TN Visa after K1

    Thank you for the reply! Yeah, I was worried that might be an issue ... but as you said hopefully it don't be if I am prepared.
  2. SJ1024

    TN Visa after K1

    Hi all! I wanted to ask a question regarding the TN visa. I have held TN visas in the past and have had no issues. There are many more job opportunities in my field in the States versus Canada. I had met someone in the States while on a TN visa, but returned home to Canada for family reasons. After 2 years of long distance dating, we applied and were approved for a K1 visa. I entered the States with the K1, but unfortunately things did not work out with my fiancé and we did not get married. I returned to Canada prior to the visa expiry. I wanted to ask if the prior K1 will have any effect on future TN visas I apply for if I am able to show I still have ties to Canada? Thanks so much!!!
  3. I have literally been logging on to VJ these days just to follow your case! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! FINALLY
  4. SJ1024

    K-1 Visa Interview Question!

    I actually went in person to my local station to request it, but I was told by someone working there I had to fill out the online form first. I specified the division I wanted to pick it up from on the online form, and received an email it was ready 2 weeks later.
  5. SJ1024

    K-1 Visa Interview Question!

    No problem! You can get your police check now or after your NOA2. I filled out an online form after receiving my NOA2, and it took about 2 weeks to process before I was able to pick it up (I live in Toronto).
  6. SJ1024

    K-1 Visa Interview Question!

    I booked my interview in December 2017, and the earliest available interview was 3 weeks out. They also had the following month open (January 2018). So I would venture its in the 1-2 month range, with the possibility of more dates opening up with demand. Personally, I moved my interview back twice to ensure I had all of my paperwork ready, so that may explain the variation as @KimchiLumpia said.
  7. Hi. I haven't gotten anything as yet. They told me it could take 1-2 weeks to recieve my tracking number/visa so let's see. I haven't been able to check my status as the CEAC site is still down 😞
  8. Yes, you're almost there! Well, once I tie up some loose ends I'm thinking probably flying to Chicago and then shipping my stuff afterwards.
  9. Thank you! Actually there were many open dates after I recieved packet 4. As early as 3 weeks! I just chose a date further ahead to ensure I had enough time after the holidays to get the all the paperwork together.
  10. Just finished my interview in Montreal and was approved! Will be posting my review a little later. Good luck to those still waiting. This is definitely a marathon, not a sprint!
  11. Funny story. I called last night. The first person I talked to said to wait 6 weeks as they don't have my file ... I politely said okay and hung up. I called again about 5 minutes later, and they did confirm they have my file (received on the 26th), and that I should have my case number within 2 weeks as they are doing things electronically. I browsed through the forums and this is the exact same thing that happened with @eastcoastgroove.
  12. Yeah, I'm definitely going to try again in the evening. I'm relieved they have my file at least ... fingers crossed I get the case number soon.
  13. Okay, so I called again on your advice. The rep said to choose option 5 instead of 7, I guess bc of electronic embassy stuff . I called again and tried option 5. This time I was told they received my case on Thursday, but I guess they still haven't assigned me a case number. Let's see what happens. I will try calling again tomorrow. I just thought it was odd I got the invoice number first.
  14. Hi! Just a couple questions for all of you. I got my NOA2 on 10/10 and have been calling NVC for the past week, but I was repeatedly told my file hadn't been received. I finally got someone this evening who confirmed my case had been received (yay). She gave me my invoice number, but when I asked for my case number she said it wasn't ready at the moment. Is it normal to get your invoice number first? Should I call again in a couple of days for the case number?