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  1. SJ1024

    TN Visa after K1

    Thank you for the reply! Yeah, I was worried that might be an issue ... but as you said hopefully it don't be if I am prepared.
  2. SJ1024

    TN Visa after K1

    Hi all! I wanted to ask a question regarding the TN visa. I have held TN visas in the past and have had no issues. There are many more job opportunities in my field in the States versus Canada. I had met someone in the States while on a TN visa, but returned home to Canada for family reasons. After 2 years of long distance dating, we applied and were approved for a K1 visa. I entered the States with the K1, but unfortunately things did not work out with my fiancé and we did not get married. I returned to Canada prior to the visa expiry. I wanted to ask if the prior K1 will have any effect on future TN visas I apply for if I am able to show I still have ties to Canada? Thanks so much!!!
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