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  1. how long have you been together = your whole relationship then they will ask how long have you been married. they might not even ask you this it all depends, everyone gets different questions
  2. Hi yes of course. My husband did the interview and they asked him .... how long have we been together has he traveled outside of canada,if yes where they asked him where I work and what my position was.
  3. Hi Everyone, just sending an update PD May 19th 2016 Case Compete Dec 2017 Interview scheduled for Oct 16th 2018 Montreal Canada Interview went great and was approved!! thank you all .. this forum really helped through this wait! Good luck everyone!
  4. @Michael2017Hi Michael, not sure if you can help with this question but I see that you help alot of others. I am waiting for an interview to be scheduled for Montreal, My pd is may 19 and case complete was dec5. Do you have any idea why it is so late? do you know if this has ever happened before where an embassy does not schedule our category for months? I am getting worried and the wait is getting very long so im trying to find some peace of mind i guess. the last interview that I saw through these forums that was given was for end of april/Early May right before our date then it stopped. thank you in advance for you help
  5. yes thats right ..the only thing i do not understand is when we look at the history of processed they pass up to 90 ir1 and cr1 a month and f2a gets no more than 9 a month plus the last 3 moths there have been 0 for f2a. ( unless i looked at it wrong)
  6. @CanadianinUSA PArt of the reason for the backlog from what i was told is because Montreal is the only embassy left in Canada. They closed down the one in Vancouver
  7. @CanadianinUSA i agree the two years is already long so this part is hard to handle. i know we need to have patience but it feels like forever! its sad really.
  8. @CanadianinUSA i am one of those people my pd is may 19 2016 , its been current since may 1 2018 and stil no interview for mtl . case completed in Dec
  9. I am pd may 19 2016 and still waiting for montreal interview date to be scheduled. Case completed in dec.
  10. @Kiki Kat yes ot does help alot when there are others in the same situation! We are about 5-6 in this group waiting for mtl with a may PD so lets all keep eachother posted! Good luck !!!
  11. Hi @Kiki Kat i am pd may 19 in mtl. We cannot change embassy because this is the only one left in canada. Montreal is backlogged they have not assigned any interviews for f2a since we became current. Hopefully next week we will get some news as they will be scheduling again. They usually scheduled the last week of the month. When i check ceac i see “at nvc” . Hope this helps
  12. i agree and im sure it will be 0 for July as well because i did not hear of anyone getting an interview letter. hopefully we get news soon, this is has already been a long process so its even harder now that we have to wait more once we are already current. what is your pd?
  13. I don't think they are done for the yearbut that is an assumption. Out of curiosity when does the new fiscal year begin for the embassy? is it October?
  14. thank you @Triple28 I checked and may and June had 0
  15. @ruban @L&G3112 Hey, do you think we might have a chance at the end of August since there was no movement in the visa bulletin? I figured it would give them time to catch up..