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  1. tinerich18

    Leaving on a K1 visa? CAN to US

    Where can i ask my recent i-94 then? This is a hassle for me. I asked the CBP officer for that, then he saud the one on my passport which is the admission stamped is the i-94. Very confusing.
  2. tinerich18

    Leaving on a K1 visa? CAN to US

    I was also told by a CBP officer when i crossed the border from Blue Water Bridge last December 2018. I am a K1 visa holder too. I asked for a i-94 but the officer didn't give me, and he said the stamp on my passport is same as i-94. Is that true? Now, when i retrieved my records online for my recent i-94, it is not recent. The record shows only the time when i was in the US back April 2018 but my travel history shows my entry last December. Is there anyone has the same case with mine?
  3. Is authorization for credit card transaction form is included? i've never heard that .
  5. tinerich18

    $$$$ Moving your Stuff to USA from Canada

    What we did, my fiance flew from Austin to Detroit, then did a car rental in Detroit Airport and drove to Toronto. We drove from Toronto to Austin for 24 hours then drop off the car rental at Austin Airport. It is cheaper for one way car rental. We only spent $367 for 3 days one way rental. Hyundai SUV Tucson is fine.
  6. tinerich18

    Moving on Saturday CDN/US border

    Thank you so much. So, i will just make a list..
  7. tinerich18

    Moving on Saturday CDN/US border

    Hi guys, just want to ask info regarding crossing the border. I am moving with my fiance on Saturday with my K1 visa. We will rent a car and drive all the way to Austin. I have with me my household stuff like clothes, shoes, kitchenwares, etc.. Do i need to fill up forms to submit in the border before crossing? If there is, what form is this? Thanks for all the reply.
  8. tinerich18

    Montreal changed interview date on me - K1 Visa - Help?!

    Same here! Ugghhh just found out this morning while i am on the bus way to Montreal. Rescheduled to Dec. 6 at 8am..😭😭😭
  9. Hi, have a question regarding form l-864.. i am the beneficiary from Canada and my interview is coming up next month. Should i include the l-864 form or just the l-134 for the affidavit of support. Because it is included in the packet 4 list but it also states as applicable. Should i bring or not?
  10. Can i ask for the copy of packet 3, so i can also prepare.? Thanks
  11. For how long did you wait from NVC email to packet 3?
  12. guys, just received an email from NVC that our paper is forwarded to Montreal. What is the next guys? Should i wait for the packet 3? Can i schedule now my interview? Thanks for the reply..
  13. tinerich18

    Case Number only

    We got approved last Sept. 10 and CEAC status is still at NVC. Been calling 2x now but they have the same answer. Don't know the reason why it still there. Hopefully next week my status will be change. I have all the requirements already, just waiting for the change of status and Packet 3..Fingers crossed. Btw, @Timonlovesskylour i'm in North York.
  14. tinerich18

    Case Number only

    Mine is K1 visa not CR1