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  1. Has your wife been filing US taxes each year? My wife didn't realize she had to file even when she was living and working overseas. We had to file multiple years of taxes all at once to catch her up. The IRS has a "Streamlined Compliance" procedure to allow people to catch-up. It can't hurt to move some $$$ over to the US bank account, it does demonstrate intent to relocate.
  2. Yes, I got a confirmation email from the NZ police to say that they had sent the information to the embassy. No indication of the contents though. I got nothing from the embassy directly. I found the best way to contact them was via email.
  3. There are bathrooms there but you have to exit security to get to them.
  4. Hey, I’m a kiwi who was in a similar situation, we had to reestablish domecile. My wife (the USC) had been out of the US for over 10 years. She no longer had US bank accounts, drivers licenses or anything. i don’t have the I-130 handy to confirm the exact question you need help with. For us we put our NZ address for all questions except where we intended to live. For this we put the address of my sister in law in Arizona. You can always attach a further explanation using a supplemental page with detail on your address situation and you plans to re-establish domecile. The burden of proof for re-establishing domecile is higher but it can be done. Let me know if you need the list of what we submitted at each stage. I entered the country three weeks ago and am now setting up a life in Arizona. So I can attest that it’s achievable. It took us 18 months from I-130 submission to a visa in my passport. This was with no issues or RFE’s. Good luck and I’m happy to answer any questions you have.
  5. This is the cover letter I sent with my NVC package: NAME ADDRESS Email: EMAIL Phone: PHONE Dear Sir/Madam, Please find enclosed my IR1 visa forms and associated supporting documentation. NVC Case number: ACKXXXXXXXXXX Applicant: MY NAME Primary Sponsor: SPOUSE NAME Joint Sponsor: SPONSOR NAME Documents enclosed: 1. NVC Welcome letter document cover sheet Section 1: Supporting Documents for MY NAME: 2. IV Application Cover Page for Case ACKXXXXXXXXXX 3. Photocopy of passport biographic page 4. Photocopy of birth certificate 5. Photocopy of marriage certificate 6. Confirmation from the New Zealand Police that Police check information has been sent to the US Consulate in Auckland. 7. DS-260 confirmation page Section 2: Affidavit of Support from SPOUSE: 1. AOS Cover Page for Case ACKXXXXXXXXXX 2. Photocopy of signed I-864 3. Proof of US status - Photocopy of passport biographic page 4. Proof of intent to re-establish domicile 5. Photocopy of 2016 Federal Tax return and related schedules 6. Proof of assets Section 3: Affidavit of Support from SPONSOR: 1. Photocopy of signed I-864 2. Proof of US status - Photocopy of passport biographic page 3. Evidence of Income a. Photocopy of 2016 Federal/State Tax return and related schedules b. Photocopy of 2016 W2 form Regards MY NAME I hope this helps
  6. I don't think they care where the package comes from as long as all the required info is included. i'll see if I can find my cover letter from my pack and post it here.
  7. @TheHills - We had to send via post, NZ consulate does not allow email or CEAC uploads. Just make sure you only send copies of everything. Don't send originals. Photocopies of the Affidavits of Support is sufficient. You can ring the NVC and get your case number, the good thing is the NVC will email you the welcome letter and such. You can get the number earlier by calling though. Good luck!
  8. We did this once we had the NVC number, be aware though, the police certificate is sent straight to the consulate and expires after 3 months. You only need it for your interview. I included an email trail with my NVC pack showing that I had requested the police check. A note explaining that the police check gets sent directly to the consulate should be sufficient. I’m a kiwi who arrived in the US last week. It can be done
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