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  1. CR1 - My step daughter's case closed September 3 and we received today the email with letter attached that our interview is scheduled for November 29!! Only 3 mths which is pretty good for Honduras. Hopefully this time frame is here to stay bc my husbands interview took 6 mths to schedule. Good luck everybody.
  2. CR1 - Case closed Sept 3 and we received today interview date of November 29 - Tegus, Honduras. Good Luck everybody!!
  3. We received the letter with the barcode as an attachment in an email from NVC. I also don't think it should be a problem.
  4. We had a similar experience. We went to Dr Cladia Bravo @ 8:00 AM and my husbands passport lower right digits were just barely faded and the intake person would not accept the passport. We went directly to honduran immigration a luckliy got the passport in an hour. We showed all interview and medical letters Good luck!
  5. Interview was Tuesday August 7 and ready to pickup Thurdays August 9!!!! Wipiti!!!!! Good luck to everyone!
  6. Interview yesterday amd visa approved. Consul stated that we should receive passport within 5 business days. CEAC alteady has changed to Administrative Processing. Good Luck everyone.
  7. @cynmarchoa We checked with DPI in San Pedro Sula and they instructed us that the only place to get correct Police Report is at DPI Tegus. We went on Monday, July 30 and was advised it would be ready within 4-5 days.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, priority dates do not matter with a IR-1/CR-1 Visa. Personally I find no rhyme or reason why they're taking so long. Our case closed Feb 6 and still waiting.
  9. Our CC date is 02/06 - just called and nothing yet. Rep suggested to call back next week that they just started scheduling interviews according sequence of CC date and availability of interview spots provided by Embassy.
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