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  1. Just wait; they cannot always give you a decision if the person interviewing you was not the main officer. They need to bring their decision to the decision maker, and then it can take a while until it gets updated. In my case, I got approved on the spot, but it still took over a week to get anything on my online status, so I wouldn't worry too much about this. Give it another week at least before you even start worrying. (easier said than done, I know)
  2. why not? Just bring the info with you if you are not certain. I have no idea why this would not be possible. At the moment of filling out the application, the info was correct, so it is not like you lied. Just let them know at the interview. I doubt they will even update the info.
  3. I know this isn't known for certain or it might just be a feeling a lot of people get, but a few days after the EAD extension was received, it seems my field office (ATL) scheduled my interview (which took over a year). I have zero clue if this is even possible, but it does raise some questions about their procedure: is it an accident that within a week or two of asking an EAD extension, the field office suddenly springs into action? I wonder if they (who provide the EAD) need to call up your field office to ask when the interview is, to make sure it is not useless to provide an extension. For example, in my case, I only received my AP extension, but I NEVER received my EAD extension, despite asking for this 2 months before my interview was. You would think that if they did not have the interview info, they would send me the EAD extension, as my interview was mid to end October, and my EAD expired mid November. The AP extension came start of September in my mailbox. AP and EAD were received simultaneously on their part, so they made the active decision to never give me an EAD extension when they received it on their desk as a combo. This sounds a little bit complicated, but IF there is ANY chance your extension application might trigger your interview date to be scheduled, I would DEFINITELY ask for the extension as soon as you are allowed. You never know!
  4. In the office I was in (Atlanta), I was able to see that they work with an appointment system per officer and per time. So for example, officer Abrams has couple X at 9, couple Y at 9:30, couple X at 10:00, officer Burton might have couple D at 9, couple E at 9:30, couple F at 10:00. That is how their planning looks like it seems (although the times might be different of course; this is just an example). As a consequence, it seems random: for example, if you are assigned to officer Abrams, and the couple in front of you aren't there yet, you can come in earlier as Abrams has nothing else to do at that point. But if you are assigned to officer Burton, and the couple in front of you are a difficult case, you might be stuck waiting for an hour extra. And during your waiting time, you might see couples who came in later than you going into other officer's rooms. I am not 100% sure this is what it looks like for all the other offices, but it's definitely what it was like in my case. I knew up front who would be our officer because I read his name on their schedule. I think before us, there was a difficult case, because many people went in front of us with other people (some of which came in only five minutes before the time), and we were kept waiting for over an hour despite being early. Then again, our officer said that it was a senior officer, and he was able to make the decision on the spot, so for that reason alone, I was quite happy and did not mind waiting an extra hour.
  5. I think AOS etc is self-funded, so they use all of our fees to continue paying their people, and that means they do not shut down. Not 100% certain.
  6. I don't think it is correct, to be honest. But maybe they have some type of ability to ignore the usual thing and provide you with a 10 years card instead? I would check, but not sure where you would need to go for this.
  7. Look at the tab "updates" and you will notice they actually refer back to what I posted with an update in October. I was also able to get in under the prior rule.
  8. My husband and I are currently living in a rental house that he also lived in with his wife about 8 years ago now. They did not ask anything about this (but it is not like she was still there while I lived here or dated him, as that would be a no no for me personally, although in reality, I am sure that happens plenty with separated couples where the ex-partner does not have an immediate other place to live). We also do not have children of our own, nor will we ever. We did not have a big wedding party nor will we ever have one. That last part was mentioned when they asked how the wedding was (it was just us two in a court where there were maybe 50 other couples at the same time). None of those things even made the officer look at us like "huh?" We are very untraditional when it comes to US traditions, and I explained that I had not yet switched all the bank accounts to joint, as in the culture I am from, it is encouraged to have both a joint account and separate accounts as well. The officer just said "that's just good sense", so he was fine with that as well. When we explained our marriage proposal was actually a mutual decision he did not bat an eye. When I simply explained that the first time we met it was because I was "quite nearby anyway" as a visiting scholar about a two hour flight away and I felt like I owed it to myself to check it out to make sure we actually had chemistry in person, the officer did not look weirdly at all, either. Our coming together was all quite rational and slow. None of what you said sounds like a red flag. (We got approved on the spot; it still took over two weeks for our greencard to arrive) I am actually assuming that they were doing a bigger interview because they just sometimes do this at random. Quality control like any other business. Perhaps they were wondering why you did not go through your parents' route instead as you mentioned they are both US citizens. I don't know. But I would not worry too much about this. You will know more in a week or so, as either the old or new website will change. In my case, the old one changed first, then the new website changed on a Saturday night (it sent an email) a week later. It does suck that you will likely not have your christmas together thing (no way are they working next monday) if it does not come through today and you are still able to get your stamp in person. But on the other hand, you knew this would be a possibility with the interview so close. I also did not make plans to see my parents or family or friends. It has been over two years now that I have seen them, and the first trip will be end of April. You can do this.
  9. Agree with the others: come up with a plan B. Plus, you might have a lot of friends there who might choose plan B as well, as it is very expensive to come over for a wedding party. In our case, even though there are ESTAs possible, we still did not throw a wedding party when we got married over a year ago. We were going to do something the moment I had my greencard and I could go visit, but since the reason for the visit coincides with my brother's wedding, we will just not be throwing a party, period. My friends, although they were willing to come to the wedding, have related to me that they are kinda glad we didn't do this after all, as it is incredibly expensive. My parents and close family were also happy we were planning on doing something there. Now that plan B is not going to work out (I feel personally I should not have wedding party in the same week as my brother is actually getting married), no one seems disappointed anyway. Getting married was not a huge deal for my husband and I (if there was a choice, living together legally would have been my preferred way), and I never dreamed of a huge party or anything. And as my husband had a huge wedding party with his former wife, both him and his parents were happy we were not going to have a big party (so so expensive!). The only thing I had, was some pangs of regret that my parents did not see me get married. We did not ask my husband's parents because it would upset me to have them there and not mine. I know it is super disappointing, especially if you've been dreaming about a huge party, but this way you can have two parties! And you have a lot of saved costs for family and friends, and you will have more friends celebrating with you! You might have to reduce the largeness of the parties a bit, but it is about the celebration, not the actual party I hope!
  10. No one needed to sign it in my case. It just came in the mailbox like a regular envelope. I was at home, and no one knocked on the door or anything, nor did it have a special sticker that demands someone to sign for it. It came in informed delivery yes, in a regular envelope from DHS (looks like an envelope from when you received the notices). No tracking number as it is not a package. I would think your mailing address change will not be done before they actually send it to you. It will never catch up. So you will have to make sure you can pick up the envelope one of those days.
  11. Congrats! And I got my update on a Saturday night, so I do wonder if they either have people working on Saturdays, or if they batch-process all these things (maybe every hour, a new batch goes through, to save the servers from possible overloads?) In my case, the new website was first, and it took two weeks for the older website to catch up. It might never catch up, or it might. What is most important, is that you are getting it!
  12. This is what the officer was talking about. These are indeed the new rules all of a sudden. What an annoyance!! I would have been in the first category, and my interview was at 1 year and one month, so it would not have been valid either! It was apparently updated right after I had my interview, as it was updated on: October 16, 2018. Form I-693 Submitted to USCIS Before November 1, 2018 When did civil surgeon sign? When was underlying benefit application filed with USCIS? I-693 retains evidentiary value through No more than 1 year before I-693 submitted to USCIS More than 60 days after civil surgeon signed the I-693 1 year from date applicant submitted I-693 to USCIS No more than 60 days before underlying benefit application filed with USCIS No more than 60 days after civil surgeon signed the I-693 2 years from date civil surgeon signed I-693 After the benefit application was filed with USCIS Before the civil surgeon signed the I-693 2 years from date civil surgeon signed I-693 More than 1 year before I-693 submitted to USCIS N/A – I-693 not valid at time applicant submits I-693 to USCIS source: https://www.uscis.gov/policymanual/HTML/PolicyManual-Volume8-PartB-Chapter4.html#S-C-4
  13. I did not submit my AOS within 60 days of my medical. My medical for K1 was May, and I submitted 11 September. That is far from 60 days. I had an officer who asked for an updated medical, but when I mentioned I filed within a year, he double checked those dates and said ok. I was approved on the spot. I don't know what that officer thinks, but that is not how it works for AOS from K1. He is now spreading wrong info around to others. But it WAS mentioned that not all officers know the actual rules, so I guess you ran into them. There is no use going against them, of course.
  14. Did someone message them yet? I am assuming if they went through the trouble of actually filling things in, they won't mind to change their typo
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