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  1. Does the letter say anything more specific? I'd try to double check that's the issue and is not something else.
  2. Congrats!. My wife had her bio appt 3 days after you, so I'm hoping we get an update soon
  3. Did you check the optional question that said to submit tax information from last 3 years? If you did then maybe not submitting 2016 is the problem. Since I didn't work in 2016 I didn't have my W2 so I decided to just send the most recent year and not check that option.
  4. Holly #######, I did not know the AOS k1 interview would be such hell. Maybe it varies from case to case, who knows. We will definitely prepare for it and thankfully my wife is pretty fluent in english, and is taking 3 english courses in the meantime as well at a community college. Thanks for the info!
  5. Haha I can't imagine they would ask personal questions. We did get asked if we had prostituted ourselves in the past or if we belonged to the Nazi or communist party lol.
  6. Unless it's changed since I had my GC interview, there is really no preparation aside from bringing the documents they need (if there are any because I can't honestly remember what me and my family brought with us to the interview on 2012). The GC interview should just be easy questions with yes and no answers like the form ds160 has when the beneficiary prepared for the K1 interview. Unlike the naturalization process where you actually have to study American history and basic politics, the gc has none of that.
  7. Ah now it makes sense that it was you asking haha. For some reason i thought it was him/her. So yeah after biometrics it will be either the interview status or an RFE. I've seen people having their interview dates be scheduled only 1 month or 1 month and 1/2 after they received their interview status updated. So I'm having hopes for this year for GC arrival
  8. From what I've seen in people's news we should be getting the status change of ready to be scheduled for an interview or an rfe. How long from your biometrics did it take them to send you the rfe?
  9. Not me either. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since biometrics appointment so we are hoping to start hearing something next week (fingers crossed :D)
  10. From our experience and other people's timelines you should be getting your bio appt letter next Monday and the appointment should be 2 weeks after that. So a total of 3 weeks after you receive the physical NOA1s. But again, every case is different and might vary for better or worse lol.
  11. To answer your question, we filed i485 without i693 and then my wife got her medical through a civil surgeon and filed the medical form 3 weeks after we filed for aos. She had her biometrics appt almost a month ago and now we are just waiting for the interview to be shceduled. I will update you if having file later did cause or not a problem . I can't imagine why it would honestly.
  12. We can only hope haha. I guess every case varies as well as the local office were each case is handled. At least I noticed that the 4 or 5 people in this thread that got their status updated had a wait in between 4-6 seeks from their Biometrics appointment.
  13. Same here. We've got close Biometrics appointments. Mine was on September 6. From what I've seen the people that have received the Ready To Schedule status, it took them between 4-6 weeks after biometrics appointment. Maybe we start seeing updates next week or the week after.
  14. Ah I see. I do have that app which I check every day haha. Thanks!
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