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  1. I saw the update on the new website the next morning too. Now I just need that dang paper in the mail 😂
  2. Awesome thanks for the info and help 😁
  3. Today I got approved on the old site of USCIS, but I haven't received anything else regarding my case. Has anybody had a situation where the old site only showed approved and then had to wait without notice for a long time?
  4. Old site shows our case was Approved! I can't believe it😁. I hope this is enough evidence and not a glitch in the matrix because I haven't gotten an email, mail nor the new site shows Approved. NOA1: August 3 NOA2: January 14 Wishing for everyone to be approved as soon as possible!
  5. I wouldn't worry about it honestly. They barely give any space to write something in that box. I can't imagine that they wouldn't figure out that you included a letter as evidence plus other things to show proof. Did you specify somewhere else that you were including a letter for proof of relationship?
  6. So the only reason you might have gotten an RFE would have to be that you didn't answer Question 55? But you said you did specify No, correct?
  7. On that letter I didn't mention any site because we met through a friend in common that we had at the time. We met in 2010 but didn't start dating until 2013. I just mentioned that we've been on a long distance relationship since 2013 but I didn't really mention that we met through a friend. Hopefully that's not a problem either lol.
  8. Hmm I answered question 55 with No and left the rest related to IMB blank. I hope that's not a confusion to them. Good luck with th rfe, it does seem like is a simple fix.
  9. Yeah I keep saying be patient but I check my case every 5 minutes since last week haha.
  10. If you go to the July filers forum you will see that people have posted they were approved in December from the ones I read. We just entered the 5-7 month window in January where we are supposed to be notified so you gotta be patient.
  11. Congrats! I'm also anxiously waiting my noa1 August 3 approval 😁
  12. I thought USCIS would catch this even before sending it to the processing center. Nevertheless, dont panic as it is an easy fix like others have mentioned and you should not have to wait longer than a few weeks to have this approved. Best of luck and again keep us updated on this matter.
  13. Did you physically send them or did RapidVisa prepared the package for you?
  14. I'm anxiously waiting too, mine was August 3 in new site. But apparently cases can fall out of order once they return from background checks. Each case is different sadly.
  15. Ah gotcha, it does make sense. I mean my application was pretty simple, no criminal records, no marriages, no kids no divorces, and o believe there is no struggle between USA and Argentina that I know of. But again like you are saying, maybe the background check took longer for some reason. Thanks for the response!