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  1. thanks for sharing. Orlando March filer here, hope I will get my interview scheduled soon.
  2. there are definitely people who filed in later 2017 and earlier 2018 got their interviews scheduled or case approved already. But since I am not adjusting from K1, and most of them are, I can't tell what should be normal for my case.
  3. March 2017 filer here, still waiting for interview to be scheduled. totally understand your feeling.
  4. it's in my signature. filed on 03.14.2017 case is ready to be scheduled for interview since 05.09.2017
  5. no, it was a waste of my time. told me that my case is still in NBC and is waiting to be scheduled for an interview......
  6. Finally! gives us March filer some hope. btw, make sure you get there at least 15-30 minutes earlier. I went to orlando field office yesterday for an infopaas, it took me 20 minutes to go through security.
  7. Thank you for sharing your interview experience. Congrats on your approval! Hope you will receive your card soon!
  8. I know at least 3 orlando March filers, including myself, are still waiting for interview notice.
  9. bring your marriage certificate with you when traveling, to show your name change. that was what I did when flying in through San Francisco last year.
  10. I did, no problem at all. we entered through San Francisco airport, we did get secondary security check, just make sure you have your AP or combo card, I also had my marriage certificate with me. The officer asked me, if this is my first time traveling with AP, where did I go, what for. all within 10 mins including the waiting time.
  11. you are not alone on this and I don't think you are targeted because of your background. I know a lot of ppl from different backgrounds including myself still waiting for their interview to be scheduled, I also know there are a lot more with similar background have already got their green card. The process is frustrating, victimize yourself won't help you going through it. Let's be optimistic and supportive, we will get our interviews soon.
  12. i send out the same SR (taking longer than processing time) on Oct 3rd, still not assigned for processing. not sure if it would ever be assigned....