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  1. Anyone know of an accurate priority date calculator? My son's in F2A. PD- 2/6/2018. From Canada. He will be 18 in August Thanks.
  2. I submitted the i130 in February of this year. I had to indicate my son's passport number. which expired in March. He does have a new passport, since I submitted the application. Will this be an issue? At what stage will they request the new passport? Also- when I submitted last February, the waiting time was 16-20 months in California. Now it's 17-22. Can I rely on the time frame of 16-20 months when I first submitted it? Or am I now looking at 17-22?
  3. Yes but NOA2 will only happen after his 18th birthday. Unless they grandfather in old petitions...
  4. Well...I just want to bring my son here. He will be 17 in August. If they keep the definition of child to under 21 I am safe. If they change it to 18- I may be screwed.
  5. Yes that is the goodlate bill which has little chance of passing the house let alone the Senate. I think the compromise bill has a better chance at passing.
  6. Hard to read 300 pages on my phone. What are the highlights in terms of family based immigration?
  7. Hi all- I wrote my congressman this morning to get some answers regarding "minor children". Would like some thoughts/opinions. Currently there are 2 categories-under 21=child...Over 21 adult son/daughter. Do you think they will change it to 18 and under? If so they will need to change the CSPA act. Could this be a negotiating point? What happens with all the petitions currently in the pipeline? I am a LPR, Son will be turning 18 in August 2019. I am eligible for citizenship. Thoughts? Anna
  8. Hi all- Simple question..do ALL I 130s in this category go to California Service Center? What are the chances that my son's petition will go there? I'm in Texas, he's in Canada. Thanks
  9. Holdanna

    Ugrading a Petition

    I apologize. What I mean is that when I become a USC the I-130 for my 16 year old will go from F2a to IR. And so I was wondering how long the NVC takes to process this.
  10. All- Any advice/experience is welcome. How long does it CURRENTLY take for NVC to upgrade a petition? From the time they receive it until the time they approve the upgrade until they schedule the interview. Thanks!
  11. Dear VJJmember111- I was wondering how long your case sat at NVC after you submitted proof of Citizenship and requested upgrade? Thanks
  12. I understand...But if someone can share their experience that would be helpful. I've heard 3 months and 6 months. Thanks