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  1. I'm wondering how the step parent adoption may be terminated? I suppose through court.
  2. Hospital in Toronto told him he had to get his driver's license changed to Ontario. Ritchie didn't know better at the time. He had a spinal injury, and signed whatever he needed to get treated
  3. He entered with his greencard after 2 years. He explained he was in the hospital for many months and couldn't get back. CPB took his gc and said you can come in, as a tourist I guess, but you'd need to go in front of a judge to get reinstated. He never got a summons or anything. Yes he signed that document
  4. This situation has nothing to do with me but I'm asking for my best friend. He's a Canadian citizen living in Georgia without status , Ritchie. He's 49 has 2 USC children from different moms. He originally received his gc at 22 years old, thru marriage. He sustained a back injury which caused him to stay in Canada and get treated there. He was too long in Canada, injured in the hospital and when he tried to come back to the US CPB took his greencard. This was back in 2009. The first marriage produced a son who's now 23. Because of the breakdown in marriage his son was adopted by the mom's second husband and carries the adopted father's name. Ritchie and his biological son Robbie have reconnected and have a relationship. Would Robbie be eligible to sponsor his father Ritchie? TIA
  5. Anyone have any news regarding the lawsuit filed by the AILA against Trump and Pompeo? I think it was heading to court on 8/27. They are suing to reinstate processing of all categories. Thanks
  6. Please! Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I've shrunk the damn documents. I've renamed them something obvious. I upload and I get the error. Then it logs me out!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Questions: Do I have to pay both fees before I can start uploading? I paid AOS first-thought I'd start on that one. Do I have to do it in this order? 1-Pay Fees 2-Complete IV Form 260 3-Submit Required and Civil Documents Any help would be appreciated
  7. Hello- and thanks for taking my question. Here is the situation. My approved I-130 is currently at NVC stage. Here is the timeline: PD-Feb 6, 2018. Visa number available July 2019 (F2A became current per visa bulletin). <------I AM STILL NOT SURE IF JULY 2019 IS CORRECT GIVEN MY PD. NOT SURE HOW TO READ VISA BULLETIN I-130 approved Aug 16 2019. NVC sent me email OCT 2019 with generic: you have 1 year to respond/contact or we will terminate the processing of your visa. SO normally, the NVC sends this email soon after after a visa number becomes available. In my case, a visa number was available last July (I think???). I need to prolong the processing of this visa as long as possible. I need for someone to tell me the law: Is the contact 1 year from visa availability (July 2019) to submit the ds-260 visa application or 1 year from the time my I-130 was approved by USCIS (Aug 2019) or 1 year from when nvc sends me a notice of visa availability which was October 2019. Even a few months of delay will help as he will finish his college in May of 2021. It's 3 months from document submission to interview in Montreal, then he has 6 months to activate his visa, cross a POE. My timeline is tight which is why I am looking for legal ways to delay at this stage. Thanks.
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