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  1. Hopefully so! For me personally, it took a little over one week, too. Some people end up in a manual verification loop where the SSA keeps giving them the run-around. If you don’t receive the card in the 4 weeks mentioned in the notice, definitely go back to the branch and follow it up! Edit: Looking at your profile, it seems you came on a K-1 visa? Even with an SSN, you cannot work until you receive authorisation to do so (i.e. EAD or GC, as other members have pointed out).
  2. This is so important to keep in mind as well. The transition can be incredibly isolating and depressing. This is what I and a few others have experienced, anyway. For the sake of your wife’s livelihood, getting the ball moving sooner rather than later should be a big priority. We also sent in very little evidence with our packet, save for a copy of our marriage certificate, but brought things to the interview and were approved just fine.
  3. Hi there! K-1s do not have work authorisation, but they can apply for and receive an SSN within the 90 days as long as the process is completed a certain time before the 90 days are over (I forget how many days exactly; probably 14). I went to the SSA and applied for my SSN two days after POE and I received my card in the mail less than three weeks later with “valid for work only with DHS authorisation” written on it. Applying for an SSN is ideally the first thing one does after entering the country, even before getting married.
  4. Teacake

    Rante Macabre

    That’s a good dynamic! I’ve yet to use a power drill and this item requires doing that for example. A few firsts required, but I’m open to trying my hand at new things. Since he’s the more experienced builder, we both naturally assumed he’d build it I guess. 🙂 I think if I tried to at this point anyway, he’d get upset with me lol. “I told you I was going to do it” sort of thing. Oh well, he’ll get ‘round to it this weekend probably.
  5. Teacake

    Rante Macabre

    Yeah, I offered a couple times to try building it myself but he kept saying no. Maybe I should just try to get it done already, but it’s weird to me that he doesn’t want to follow through with it as a project. We live in a house that was built in the 1930s in need of a lot of renovations and general maintenance if we are to get the upstairs inhabitable, for example. so we’ve got a ways to go. I just thought it would be neat to see him show initiative in one of these smaller things to get the ball moving since he said he wants to stay and keep investing time and effort into this house. He’s not introverted, he’s a social person who gets along with others really easily. He may be scared of leaving a more rural life for sure, but thankfully we spoke about moving again yesterday and he was a lot more cooperative. I wasn’t asking him to leave his new job, it was just a conversation I was wanting to have about the near future. The fact that he was unwilling to hear me out at all yesterday was what got me.
  6. Teacake

    Rante Macabre

    No, you’d be correct in assuming he’s a stubborn person because he is; and this is a big side of him that only really became apparent after we got married and were able to live together. I would love to visit places to see how we’d go potentially moving in a year or two, but he is seriously adamant about not even exploring the idea at all. Not even to just a different part of this city. We’ve been living in this house (pretty much given to us - we didn’t househunt, so we/I had no say in the location or anything) less than two months. I’m the only one that’s tried to make it feel more like a home and less like an amalgamation of junk all over the floor. I spent days single-handedly deep cleaning the kitchen and appliances before we moved in because they were caked with years of grime, mouse droppings, dead bugs and whatever other evidence of neglect left behind from the previous owners. We were sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a month because he kept putting off setting up our bed frame. There’s an IKEA TV stand we bought together still in pieces scattered all over the joint 6 weeks after purchase because I’ve had to keep prompting him every so often to work on it. Yet, he tells me the reason he doesn’t want to leave is because he’s happy where we are and that he “has plans” for this house. I have no faith that these “plans” have concrete details or timelines. He’s lived in this area most of his life, but he has so few anchors. His career in law enforcement is new, about 6 months in, and he can realistically become certified to work in any state or territory or whatever in the US. He has no deeds or mortgages or anything to his name. His family already have plans in the coming years to up and relocate to New Hampshire or Maine. I just don’t get it. I gave up everything for this - my own life, my plans; left family and friends, all for our relationship. And he’s not willing to give me an inch.
  7. Teacake

    Rante Macabre

    Yeah, just really concerned and disappointed at the moment. He seemed so irked by me bringing it up. I was told by someone here on VJ I think to look into Pennsylvania and I’m glad I did - Pittsburgh seems more comparable to what I’d like, though I haven’t been and at this rate, wouldn’t get a chance to scope it out anyway.
  8. Teacake

    Rante Macabre

    Husband doesn’t see my being dissatisfied with our circumstances as a reason to try to compromise for my sake. Already fed up with living in the sticks, so went to have a (gentle) chat with him about potentially moving to a region in the US more comfortable for me in the near future and got immediately shut down. “No. I’m happy here. I have my life here.” ??? I too had a somewhat happy life once upon a time, and in a place I enjoyed. 🤐
  9. Thank you so much. This was really, really comforting to read. I’m so sorry that things have still been bleak since getting your GC. I hope your circumstances improve in the future so that stress doesn’t need to accumulate quite so much. You’re so right about the both of us just needing to keep trying, though. I’ve been feeling more level-headed since starting back on my medication, but that hasn’t made my surroundings all that much easier to deal with. Still, I rise and try to go on. I need my husband to try to get on the same page, but it seems anytime I bring up issues that are hurting my quality of life here, he takes it as an attack and becomes defensive or passive-aggressive. It’s what leads me to feeling guilty - as though I’m wholly responsible for everything. Like you said, though, we need a ‘we, not me’ mentality, and I have no choice but to keep trying to get us to that point. Thank you again for having a read of my whining and being so supportive.
  10. Thank you for taking the time to give your input; I really appreciate it. I’m going to continue considering options for filling my time and trying to improve my livelihood here.
  11. Hi, My I-485 interview is less than one week away. My husband (my petitioner and primary sponsor) just became unemployed... We have a joint sponsor, my mother-in-law. An I-864 with supporting evidence was sent in on behalf of both sponsors in my application. I don’t know what to do about documents to bring to the interview now... I had his pay stubs etc. all ready to go, but obviously his income is now $0. My mother-in-law clears the federal guidelines for two people (me and her) easily. I’m guessing we need to fill out a new I-864 for my husband that reflects his new non-income and bring that to the interview? I’m so confused. We have other evidence of domicile, but now I guess I can’t use our life insurance policies (with one another as our beneficiaries) and other things that were in place because of his job. I’m so devastated about all of this. The news was so sudden.
  12. No issues at all! Approved without an RFE. ☺️ Best of luck!
  13. I was talking about this with him last night. 😔 It’s a frustrating topic though because he isn’t very willing to compromise (despite all of the compromises I’ve already made). It’s something I need to keep discussing with him. I agree with the whole car dependence thing. The place bores me to literal tears and it doesn’t help that my ability to get out and about relies on someone giving me a ride - especially now that i’ve got two appointments coming up next week taking place during my husband’s working hours. Hoping to just take an Uber so I don’t even need to ask one of my in-laws. I miss the independence I had in Australia for sure.
  14. My I-485 interview is in less than two weeks. I’m wondering if I will need my husband (sponsor) and MIL (co-sponsor) to do their tax returns for 2019 as i’m not sure they’ve done them yet - I attached copies of the ones from 2018 to my application. The interview instructions say to bring federal income tax returns and W2s from the most recent tax year. How long do these take to fill out and receive back? Can I expect an RFE at my interview if I don’t bring tax stuff for 2019?
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