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    We met on Facebook through mutual friends when we were both of middle-school age and spent years chatting and calling on Skype. He was one of my closest friends despite never having met in person. We shared a pipe-dream of someday seeing one another “IRL”, which became a reality when I decided to fly to the U.S. to visit him while on semester break at university. Many trips later, he proposed while visiting me in Australia. Years ago, simply being face-to-face seemed impossible, so it’s incredible to me that we were not only able to overcome the distance, but now spend each day as a married couple – no internet access required!

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  1. Do you think if I used my current one, there’s a possibility they could deny my application? Or would they issue an RFE if something with the MC was wrong?
  2. Alright, I’ll see about doing something like that. Thanks for helping!
  3. That was what I did, I brought the MC with me and showed the lady at the desk and asked about MCs with proper seals and she said they don’t do them anymore. This is for Tipton County. I’m not sure what I can do now.
  4. Hi all, Sorry, I saved a screenshot of the attached post on my phone for my own reference but I can’t remember which post I got it from as I had saved it a little while ago. I took my certified TN marriage certificate back to my county clerk’s office to ask about our certificate. It has a printed blue ink “stamp” (which was not actually stamped by anyone) on it and does not have any affixed gold seal or sticker. The lady at the office said that they don’t do these seals anymore (at least in our county). Will this be an issue during AOS? This is the most official certified MC it seems I can obtain even though it has no sticker. Also, just to confirm, USCIS does not require an original copy of the MC sent in with the AOS application, right? Just a scanned copy? Thank you!
  5. Hi, I’m sorry, would a moderator be able to delete the photo I attached above? Perhaps @geowrian?
  6. Ah, OK! It’s relieving to know it’s happened to someone else at least. I was beginning to worry because getting around town is almost impossible for me during business hours and it all just becomes a stressful mess. I’ll leave it as is then, I guess!
  7. But the age on the certificate isn’t the one from when I was married, it’s a year younger. I had just turned 23 the day before our wedding day.
  8. Yeah, the DOB is fine, it’s just the age itself. Maybe it isn’t wrong, I just don’t know if it’s there to reflect the age I was when I got married? That was why I’m wondering about it.
  9. I’ve just had a closer look at my marriage certificate and it has me and my husband’s DOB and ages on it. I turned 23 the day before we got married, but the certificate says 22 — I guess going by how old I was when we applied for the marriage licence. Will this pose an issue with USCIS during AOS, etc.? Will my husband and I need to go back to the county clerk to have it fixed?
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