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  1. send them an inquiry and ask for case update, you can contact them and ask for an update
  2. Aoa and good morning, I hope everyone are doing ok.. Did anyone receive any update or any responses from Embassy,,
  3. i tried everything i could from my side. i contact them they got the same response and now they told me to contact after 6 months if no response from embassy. nothing is working at this time.. 😪
  4. AOA. i hope everyone are doing well and healthy. Does anyone got any visa recently or received any response from Embassy. My Parents case has been under AP since June 2017 and still no update. i am so tired of this waiting, and i give up.
  5. I didn't provide anything yet and my mother case updated yesterday from AP to expiring soon. I don't know what the heck is going in the embassy. and every time i send inquiry all i get is that the case is in AP. my father case was last updated on May 23.
  6. I don't think you can force them to issue a visa, plus they have the right to denied your case if not enough evidence and security threat.
  7. hello. 1st of all don't be panic about "refuse" status in their website, and this is common for almost every case they use this verbiage when case goes to AP or need additional documents. Once you submit the requirement documents this take up to 30 days to 60 days for review depend on the officer how fast they review your case. I would give them some more time and I would wait for their decision. Do not worry about the medical expire date and they know when the medical will expire. I am been waiting since June 14 2017 for my parents case and their case still under AP. may be wait 30 days then reach out to them for follow up. I wish you good luck
  8. please tell us in more details, how long it took when you file for lawsuit, and do you have to submit medical, to o fingerprint, and all and how long it took to receive your visa?
  9. congrat.. did you contact them or they just contact you for new medical. please provide some details.. my parents still in AP since june 2017 :(
  10. my mother was in Pak, and that was a mistake we made he should have interview done in UAE> but i never thought like that. so he has to leave to do medical and go for interview and then they took all his passport that he travel with and his passport was expiring too so he made a new passport so they both of his passport.
  11. my father is still very mad at me he left his job and all his friends, and left from there. His boss never want to let him go...
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