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  1. I can only speak to the individuals whom are dealing with GHANA. Average time are 200-270 days wait period for Uscis stage . Everything is harder when based in High fraud countries . More fast time , longer wait periods , stronger evidence needed . Etc
  2. Uscis stage from my observation countries with stronger ties with the US are less of a time frame then counties known for high fraud and/or violence
  3. You know what’s so crazy ?! I see a lot cases where spouse based in African countries have an extended delay smh Thanks
  4. Yes I hope so too i love looking at information however seeing people file after us and married after us getting approved and we are just waiting is also hurtful . Looks like we are pushing a 13-16 month wait time . Trying to keep positive
  5. Just some back ground info . My husband is based in Ghana. We sent his petition out April 30th 2018 and our PD date is 5/3/18. Which makes 258 days waiting . Our case is past the normal processing time and past the estimated time frame for approval ( TSC) . I sent in an inquiry and it said wait up to 60 days to receive noa or approval . I feel very depressed more than ever because I started corresponding with a few individuals on here and each person has been approved , reps give no info other than what you can view on your own ,and I thought by now we would be approved but where at 8 and a half months . What are some reasons a delay could occur? I also have wrote 2 congressman and no respond even after signing and returning the required privacy form
  6. Your PD is similar to mine how did you find out ? Lol I’m sorry dear I was referring to the other girl because our PD is one day apart and same service center
  7. Your PD is similar to mine how did you find out ?
  8. Glad to hear all worked out im on day 258
  9. 🥰🥰🥰🥰yay I’m in TSC as well
  10. Try to remain positive I see you have a way to go . Even being outside the normal processing time you could still be waiting like me . Yes I’m hoping as well my husband keeps saying next week but who knows at this point lol
  11. I was one of the few whom sent out the petition in APRIL but was received by uscis early MAY - May 3rd. Since then we have been waiting and waiting . Its been a tough, emotional journey however I try my best to remain strong , not surprise to find out last night I searched up to 20 cases with the case # similar to mine and all cases where sent to department of state with the exception of three cases rejected due to not submitting the correct payment or wrong form, all of these cases where approved between the time frame of September - November with the majority in November. I pray within the next few weeks my husband and I hear some good news and we can move forward and one step closer to closing the distance between us, we've been married since 2016! I wish you all well, lets keep praying! MAY FILERS!!!
  12. Yay I’m so glad to hear that happy for you ! hopefully I’m next
  13. Yay I’m so glad to hear that happy for you ! hopefully I’m next
  14. I have and nothing My husband is based in a high fraud country and I honestly fell that plays a major part in the wait time
  15. TODAY I received a generic email about my inquiry for our case not being processed as of yet. Our PD date is 5/3 and TSC are working on 5/15 cases . The email stated we have to wait up until 60 days . This feels like a nightmare that will never end however I am trying to keep positive and hope for the best. 245 days and counting at this point. I cant bring myself to inform my husband about this news