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  1. Hey everyone, haven’t been on this page since feb/March. I’ve been so engrossed with work and traveling. I had my GC interview in February. Still waiting to hear from them about my approval. It’s been a longgggg wait. Hoping that some good news will come my way soon. I wish everyone the very best this new month.
  2. Yes, I travelled twice with my advance parole after my vawa was approved with deferred action
  3. Hi dear, I never overstayed my visa. I also have a good travel history with the US for over 20 years. I have been coming and going since I was 6 years old. I would not use the advance parole if you have overstayed. You might have a hard time. The AP gets applied for the same time you apply for the EAD. Mine came as a combo card (on the same card). I applied for both same time I filed for my i485, way before I filed for my VAWA. So no, you don’t have to wait for your vawa to be approved. I’m not sure if ap can be applied for separately, ask sandra. Not sure if they authorize it individually, usually it comes on same card with ead. However, there was a guy on this forum who said he had overstayed for years and was still able to fly in and out of the country, I guess it’s just a thing of luck. I think airport also plays a role too, if you have to fly, fly through JFK New York, they are very lenient when it comes to immigration.
  4. Yes dear, it was approved really fast. I filed in Jan and it was approved in may. 4&half months. Thanks ❤️
  5. Thank you ❤️ Dec 12 2016 - AOS, AP & EAD application was received Jan 9 2017 - biometrics Jan 23 - filed I-360 Jan 24th - I-360 received at VSC Feb 9- request for RFE for I-485 sent by uscis Feb 14th - received receipt notice for i360 Feb 21- prima facie issued Feb 23 - replied and sent RFE response for i485 March 02 - uscis site updated : i485 RFE received March 02 - received prima facie for i360 in mail March 20 - i485 transferred to new office, Vermont March 31- sent out additional correspondence/evidence for i360 with blue sheet attached to prima facie April 3rd - additional correspondence delivered April 5th - additional correspondence received and under review by VAWA unit April 12th - EAD and AP applications transferred to Vermont May 23rd - EAD approved and card is being produced May 24th - VAWA approved May 26th - EAD/AP card received June 6th - VAWA approval notice date June 13th - vawa approval notice received in mail June 15th - i485 transferred to NBC Jan 19th 2018- interview scheduled for Feb. 28th 2018
  6. Thank You dear. So happy that this journey is about to be over for me. I have been waiting and praying for so long.
  7. Hello everyone! I’ve been MIA, travelled out of the country for a little vacation and just got back. I used my advance parole. I visited South America for 2 weeks and just got back into the US yesterday. I also got back to some good news in the mail. My interview has been scheduled for end of this month. I will keep you all updated on how it goes. For everyone who inboxed me asking about where I’ve been. I’m so grateful for checking in. I’m doing just fine.
  8. Congratulations 🎊🍾🎉
  9. What is your local office?
  10. Did you ever overstay at any point in time?
  11. Were you out of status while you were here in the US for 7 years before you visited your country?
  12. Had my infopass today. Lady said she will talk to the person in charge of scheduling and see if they can push my case up. My file has been in my local office since September. I'm praying 🙏🏼 I almost cried and told her I hadn't seen my family in two years and desperately need to go visit. Hoping that they will work in my favor. I'll Let you guys know once I receive an update.
  13. Yes it's been at my local office since the past two months....My congressman told me. Someone is probably snoozing on my file lol
  14. Ur field office is fast. Lucky you. Almost been waiting 6 months. I'm sick of the wait. Scheduled infopass for upper week. Fingers crossed that I will be scaheduled before then. Good luck with your interview