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  1. My journey has finally come to an end. Want to say thank you to Sandra and many others who helped me years ago when i started my vawa journey & Want to share my VAWA N400 process. application Sent to uscis - sept 27 2022 Priority date - sept 29th 2022 Fee processed - oct 5 2022 Notice for biometrics received - Oct 17th 2022 Biometrics - Oct 25th 2022 Interview scheduled- Oct 26th 2022 Interview - 29th November 2022 Oath ceremony- 11th January 2023 (didn’t make it) Oath ceremony rescheduled & held - February 25, 2023 officially a US citizen. feel free to ask me any questions you may have. Below is my vawa journey for those who want to know. My vawa was approved in 4.5 months. Jan 23 2017- filed I-360 Jan 24th - I-360 received at VSC Feb 14th - received receipt notice for i360 Feb 21- prima facie issued March 02 - received prima facie for i360 in mail March 20 - i485 transferred to new office, Vermont March 31- sent out additional correspondence/evidence for i360 with blue sheet attached to prima facie April 3rd - additional correspondence delivered April 5th - additional correspondence received and under review by VAWA unit April 12th - EAD and AP applications transferred to Vermont May 23rd - EAD approved and card is being produced May 24th - VAWA approved May 26th - EAD/AP card received June 6th - vawa notice date June 15th- transfer to NBC Jan 19th 2018 - interview scheduled for feb 28th Feb 28th 2018 - interview Aug 2019 - RFE & Response Sept 24th 2019 - approved and green card production ordered Sept 29th 2019 - greencard recieved Had my green card for 3 years and applied for citizenship
  2. Awesome! I’m so excited and can’t wait for this journey to be over. It’s been a long one. Wish you the best
  3. Ok thanks for the info. I had read it here years ago but just wanted to makesure it’s still a rule that applies
  4. Hello everyone! Some of you May remember me, old time user. Had my vawa approved in 2017 four months after I filed it and got my GC in 2019. I’m back here because it’s time for me to file for my naturalization under the 3 year rule. I just wanted to confirm if the 2 year 9 month rule still applies and if it’s okay to file using that rule? @sandranj pls help me verify if I’m right. Thank you
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