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  1. I get many mixed search results about document requirements for the CFO class after the visa interview. 1) Does my finacee need original birth certificate, cenomar, NBI clearance documents or just copies? Originals are required at the visa interview at the US embassy, and I assume they keep the originals. So do we need her to get 2 originals of each document? 2) Also, for the Medical exam at SLEC, does the passport copy have to be in color or can it be Black and white? I only ask this because of the mixed responses I have gotten and the government sites don't give explicit requirements.
  2. Awesome news today! I checked the CEAC this morning and my Case Status is now changed to ‘Ready’! Even though We haven't received the letter or packet, I’ll start everything next week when I’m in the Philippines. The letter example on this site explains all the steps we need to follow. Everyhting is really moving fast now! This is a great site. It’s helped me so much as to what to expect and how to proceed. Thanks to all the contributors!
  3. Hooray! I called NVA early this week and got my MNL Case number, She also gave me an Invoice ID number (is that number important?). Anyway, its in transit to the US Embassy in Manila, which I confirmed on the CEAC Status check site. As I am retired I spend a lot of time in the Philippines with my fiancée and I'll be headed there again next week, staying a couple months. I figure we'll be able to complete more steps then.... I'll bring my completed I-134 Affidavit of Support, complete and submit the DS-160 there, print off the receipt, pay visa fee at BPI, have her get all the paperwork and documents (birth certificate, police clearance, etc), then get her medical clearance and interview scheduled. Does that sound about right? I have read a lot about people not getting the embassy letter, or the fiancée getting the P3 package in the mail. Do I have to wait for either before scheduling any of the aforementioned tasks? Or can I go ahead, assuming that my paperwork would be at the embassy?
  4. Presbo

    1040 no longer accepted?

    To be safe, I'm also planning to bring copies of my W-2s and 1099s from the past 3 years, for the interview.
  5. I signed up for notifications and got both text, email and postal mail notice of my NOA1. However I only received postal notice of my NOA2 which was the I-797.
  6. Thanks...and I created my timeline so I can hopefully get some projected dates of the subsequent steps.
  7. Hello all, I just found this site when googling for some answers regarding my K-1 visa. Briefly to state where I have gotten: Aug 4 - I live in California and mailed my I-129f packet to the USCIS in Dallas as directed. Aug 14 - I received my Receipt (NOA1) January 19 (today) - I received the hard copy, fancy paper I-797 Approval Notice (NOA2?). It says my petition has been approved and forwarded to the listed consulate. This notice was mailed from Dept. of Homeland Security in California, so my petition was there. My question is what’s next? Do I have my fiancé in Philippines fill out the DS-160 or wait for further instructions from them? The validity date of the Approval Notice is 1/14/2019 to 5/13/2019.